Photo Gallery: CYOA 'Spring Signals' w/ Brigitte Bardon't, Reptilian Brain Cage & Glaasen

To celebrate the arrival of spring, London Fuse hosted a special CYOA live music showcase this past Saturday at Old East 765 Bar & Grill.

In many ways, the show was an experiment. All three acts exposed the audience to unorthodox musical styles, provoking extreme reactions, both negative and positive. Glaasen (the "no-wave" act of Fuse's own Pam Haasen and Tim Glasgow) performed a wildly entertaining (and hilarious) set of impromptu noise-punk jams that took everyone by surprise.

Reptilian Brain Cage, the spoken word/industrial noise project helmed by local reptoid leader Rice Brancage, launched a sonic and verbal assault against the audience with layers of harsh noise and the grotesque, contemptuous proclamations of anti-poet Tom Prime.

The night came to a surreal conclusion with an entrancing, dream-like performance from Toronto sound artist Brigitte Bardon't. She appeared as a spectral apparition, walking amongst the crowd and enveloping the room with her siren-like vocal ranges and spellbinding washes of ambient drone.

Imagine, all of this taking place at a former country and western bar. With the 27 club smiling down upon us and drunken karaoke echoing from the front room, we took a chance, clashing cultures and challenging eardrums. Is this a sign of evolution in the Forest City? We think so.

Photos by Iain Ailles and Michael Del Vecchio.

Host Pat Tiffin telling raunchy jokes.
Tim Glasgow, one half of Glaasen screams at the crowd.
Reptilian Brain Cage confronts their victims.
RBC's noise producers launch their sonic assault.
Tom Prime breaks into his derisive spoken word.
Rice Brancage shreds the bass.
Brigitte Bardon't walks amongst the crowd.
Apparitions of Brigitte.