Loans for Car Repairs up to $5,000

Mechanic in a garage

To Qualify for a Vehicle Repair Loan of up to $5,000

Prudent Financial will advance up to $5,000 for car repairs and towing. See the list below for eligible car repair and body shops:

Eligible service centres:

  1. Any licensed car repair centres approved by the Canadian Automotive Association (CAA) across Toronto, GTA and neighboring areas.
  2. Any new car dealership from which you bought your car, or new car dealership service centre.
  3. Or if you use one of the pre-approved, reputable repair shops in North York including
    • Speedline Auto Repair Ltd., 4361 Chesswood Drive, North York, Ont. 416-631-1446, Rafi Sallakhian (also Land Rover specialists)
    • International Auto Body Repair, 4240 Chesswood Drive, North York, Ont. 416-398-8516, Harry Boghossian
    • *Note that all the specific repairs on your vehicle done by Speedline and International Body Repair carry a one month free warranty on parts and labor

Cars must be:

  • Cars must be 6 years or newer
  • Higher end cars can be older
  • Fully paid off, no liens or leases
  • Fully insured
  • Ownership and license in your name only
  • Must bring in service cost estimate

Have questions for your mechanic? Or car maintenance?

Visit the fantastic links below to learn more. Be sure to also check out our Useful Info page.

  • Just – mechanics answer your online questions
  • – CAA Certified Auto Repair Facilities and CAA Car Care Centres.