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Legends Guide

Originally from pbwiki


This guide is written by players, as is a lot of this Community Wiki

  1. Legends Basics: The Basics, skiing, nickname colours; come here if you are new or getting started.
  2. Fairplay Manifest: Hints for veterans and newbies
  3. Base Assets: Objects, machinery and vehicles found in your team's Base.
  4. Guns: Guide on the different guns in Legends.
  5. Armor: Description of the different types of Player in Legends.
  6. Modules: Modules / Backpacks and Deployable Objects.
  7. Vehicles: Vehicles, weapons, capabilities in Legends.
  8. Inventory Items: Carried Items, mines, grenades, health kits, beacons that are not guns or modules.
  9. Techniques: Additional techniques for advanced and experienced players (MAs, MDs, skiing etc).
  10. Gametypes: Various Gametypes and how to play them.
  11. Tutorials Videos, Recordings and Various other tutorials.
  12. Heads Up Display Picture and explanation of the HUD.
  13. Legends Maps Aerial screenshots of Legends maps, Commander maps to be added soon.

Extra Stuff

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