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** Supports Joomla! 3.5+! **
** Supports WHMCS v6.3+! **

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The latest release J!WHMCS Integrator, version 2.6, offers a tremendous improvement over previous versions. Some of the feature highlights in version 2.6 include:

  • Sync Manager (new in v2.6) to provide means to add WHMCS users into Joomla
  • Simplification of the installation and configuration of the product
  • Performance has been improved by removing redundant API calls
  • Bridging of USERNAMES to WHMCS and vice versa
  • Inclusion of the Dunamis Library for Joomla!
  • Search WHMCS knowledgebase articles from within the Joomla Search function

Be sure to check upgrade and installation instructions prior to install.

Note also that support for Joomla! 1.5 has been officially dropped with the release of J!WHMCS Integrator version 2.5.

Complete Visual Integration

With J!WHMCS Integrator, your WHMCS clients and Joomla users are bridged allowing you to customize your client's experience on your site. Your clients can log in anywhere on your site and be logged into both WHMCS and Joomla. Clients can change their profile in WHMCS and any updates are carried over to Joomla and vice versa.

User Account Bridging

Your WHMCS clients and Joomla users are bridged with J!WHMCS Integrator, allowing you to customize your client's experience on your site. Your clients can log in anywhere on your site and be logged into both WHMCS and Joomla. Clients can change their profile in WHMCS and those updates are carried over to Joomla.

Username or Email Address

Your WHMCS clients and Joomla users are bridged with J!WHMCS Integrator, allowing you to customize your client's experience on your site. Your clients can log in anywhere on your site and be logged into both WHMCS and Joomla. Clients can change their profile in WHMCS and those updates are carried over to Joomla.

Sub-Account Utilization

Provide options for your corporate clients with sub-account integration. Sub-accounts permit your clients to use sub-account within their WHMCS profile and can be bridged to actual Joomla accounts. J!WHMCS Integrator permits a sub-account user to log in through Joomla or WHMCS and bridge them over to a Joomla account.

Integration In Your Language!

Both Joomla! and WHMCS are capable of multi-lingual usage; with J!WHMCS Integrator, now you can display an integrated Joomla site in languages supported by your WHMCS application! Right to left? No problem! J!WHMCS Integrator supports the use of Joomfish in Joomla 1.5 or the use of the native language capabilities found in Joomla 2.5.


  • J!WHMCS Integrator 2.6 is no longer backwards compatible with WHMCS version 5.2 or earlier.

  • J!WHMCS Integrator 2.6 does NOT support Joomla! 1.5 any longer.

  • J!WHMCS Integrator requires the installation of the WHMCS Addon Module


This is the best way to merge the incredible power of WHMCS with the beauty of Joomla! to allow sites to match access to their client pages.

Ease of use

It's very detailed and can be a bit confusing to start, but once done, it works well. I chose to pay for set-up and that saved me time.


Steven & team are incredibly responsive, even when it's a user error. Fantastic! I happily pay the small annual support and upgrade charge.


Good for the installation. I would like to see more documentation for handling upgrades.

Value for money


I used this to: Managing the integration between my business website and my client management software. Seriously, this is the best way to do it. The two look like one seamless site and I don't have to manually duplicate templates.

I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone trying to do this


The tool is a bit difficult to implement self. But with the help of their excellent support it gets done for you in no time, with no effort!

Ease of use

Once implemented a breeze!
Much easier than making a template self for WHMCS


No more need be said, We have almost a day difference with time zones and i was assisted within 1 day . Now it works completely!


Very clear on installation. But a bit lacking in after install setup and use.

Value for money

Very good product. Definitely worth the money, especially since it makes editing your whmcs template so easy!

I used this to: To integrate my WHMCS into joomla template and it works like a charm!
You can't even tell it is actually 2 different things. They weave together to make one kick @ss website!

Fantastic tool, going to use it LONG TIME!!!

Have been using the extension since 2011. Not only is this extension well written, documented and regularly updated, but the support you get from Steven is the best I have ever experienced from a Joomla developer. Kudos!

I was surely not the easiest customer, had bought the product more than 2 years ago and never used it till a month ago. In minutes after my request they restored my account and checked my license, so I was able to download the newest version and start immediately to work.

Then I had a issue with the implementation from the API, I did wrote a ticket, provided logindetails and I got solved my problem without any problems or backquestions. They explained me what caused the issue and how I could avoid it in the future.

Next, I played around with another non standard template, and came to the point where I thought to dig deeper into the code, deleting, modifiying, try and error. Again I wrote a ticket, even my template was not considered as supported, and they looked deeper in it and explained me again what and why is working or not, and helped me to focus on my real work. Even they would explore my templateissue maybe sometime in the future and come back to me.

I must say: Thats the highest professional and best and friendly support what you can ever imagine. I am 15 years in the webbusiness and had a lot of support. But these guys are outstanding.

To be honest, I had tried several plugins, components, addons etc etc you name it. The gap between WHMCS and Joomla! simply seemed too far. The need for our company to have a peaceful co-existence between our Joomla! based forums and our WHMCS site was too great to ignore. There are the free ones out there, the ones that claim they will import user data sharing from database to database (No Core Files Modified!) It was like a late night telethon with no end in sight.

Queue J!WHMCS Integrator!

I must say, myself and my partners are extremely pleased with this product and were delighted to see the level of support that this software is backed by.

This investment is not only worth the money.. it's practically a no risk solution to bridging that massive gap between Joomla! and WHMCS. Easy to install, wonderful communication and simply does the work so you don't have to.

Now we have our eye on Integrator 3 as we have various CMS Applications that are in need of being wound into our WHMCS install.

I would have gone mad without GoHigherIS and their work.

Really, thanks for everything! A wonderful and solid job that my business will be stronger with it's help.

We are using the integrator on our business web site for over three Years now. This software bridges a huge gap between whmcs and content management and is extremely useful and practical not to mention the countless hours it has saved us from theming whmcs and updating content. One of our main concerns with any software product is support... The response time and the approach towards a resolution is extremely professional and totally focused on my needs. Very easy to install and integrate. This app has saved us the money we invested on module 100 times over in work hours.

We use the product for several years now. It evolved to a very professional and easy to use Add-on. Even the support is very professional. Lighnting quick response and the support is not only talk but really fixes the issue.

Keep up the good work guys!!

I have used J!WHMCS for only about 6 months but Steven's support and patience has been one of the best I have experienced. The software works great and when you have a question or a problem, Steven is there to provide the support. I highly recommend this piece of software if you should need it.

I've been a customer of Go Higher IS for about 3 years. Through all of the fast-paced Joomla versions, upgrades and security patches, they remain on top of their game. As appearances are important to our business, jWHMCS is a must have product for our company. Go Higher is a company with direction and the owners are always improving their products. Dealing with software vendors since 1998, this is a company who continues to operate with old school values - how refreshing. If I chose to write about their stellar support, I would run out of room here. It's a purchase well worth it. Thanks from GreenixHosting!!

Good Product, Excellent Support

Posted on 14 November 2013

I've been using J!WHMCS for about 2 years and with me not being a "techie" I've relied on the support a lot.

I've got to be honest I feel the need to rate it as i am that impressed.

Well done and thanks for all your help.

Highly recommended.

Integrator 3 for Joomla

Integrator 3 for Joomla

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Joomla! offers a wide variety of extensions that utilize the user group permissions (ACL) built into Joomla! 2.5. Now you can automatically control a Joomla! user's access based upon their product purchases in WHMCS! Features Purchase to Permissions - update a user permissions group at point of purchase in WHMCS Cron updates - When WHMCS runs its nightly cron, you can elect to include updating your user permissions through Belong Easy Messaging - error messages are easy to troubleshoot Extensibility - now you can extend the functionality into other applications! vBulletin, Fusion and WHMCS client group extensibility is included, with more on the way!

J!WHMCS Integrator

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