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BearTown Mappack

Often called `BTMappack'. Contains the majority of maps made by the community. Some of these maps can be downloaded individually from this section. There is also a list of maps not in BTMappack.

Himura 2.0 Mappack

Project of remaking Legends Stock maps

* 2.0 MapPack Download

* Forum Post

Currently contains

1. Desolate 2.0

2. Ocular 2.0

(Ocular Interior Is not fully lit, will be finised in next update)

Arena Classics

Single Maps - Not In BTMappack

  • Blast Back: Map By: Himura ( First Map I ever modeled for was made sometime in early 2007)
  • Two Towers: Two very large towers, each surrounded by a smooth bowl. The Towers are so tall that the enemy can get to your flag faster than you can. This makes it difficult to score, but allows the flag holder to go offence without fear of conceding a goal.
  • Ewok Village Ewok Village is a gigantic forest (300m tall trees) with a skiable canopy and skiable bridges connecting the trees. Some of the trees have rooms, chutes, and other cool stuff. Map By: Hopeless

Single Maps - In BTMappack

These maps are contained in the BTMappack. You are better off downloading the BTMappack unless you only want that particular map.


  • Vicious Volcano



  • Airbase: Server-Side map, you can host this map and players can join without needing to download anything.
  • Base Bash
  • Big Volcano Island
  • Crescent Island
  • Dangerous Crossing
  • Dead Planet
  • Pantheon
  • Raindance
  • Rift
  • River Rampage
  • Tropics
  • Volcano Island
  • Water Planet





  • Bloodville
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