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Player Scripts (Client-Side Scripts)

These are client-side scripts, you must download them to use them.

  • RS_StatTracker: Red Shifter's Statistics Tracker. Tracks kills, deaths, and suicides for each weapon.
  • AltSpeedFPSPingHUD: Displays altitude (in meters), speed (km/h), Frames-Per-Second, and your ping time to the server (milliseconds) in the bottom left of your screen.
  • Pistol Throw: Automatically throws the pistol when you spawn, and always continues to throw if you ever pick one up.
  • Jump Jet: Automatically jumps before jetting to give you an extra boost on take-off (most players do this manually).
  • Center Colour Arcs: Puts health/energy around your reticle in an arc shape
  • Center Colour Bars: Puts health/energy around your reticle in a bar shape
  • Colour Bars: Dunno
  • Sticky Zoom: Changes the zoom key to be a toggle on and off, instead of requiring holding it down.
  • Wheel Zoom: While holding the keybind for Zoom, rolling the mousewheel will increase and decrease the zoom FOV angle. The last used angle is maintained for next use, unless you have ResetZoom.
  • Reset Zoom: Resets zoom level to 45° after releasing the zoom key, after ie. changing the level with WheelZoom.
  • zzz HUD Mover: Very useful script to allow moving and saving of the placement of various HUDs in the game view. Some custom scripts with a hud may need manual editing of the hudmover settings .cs to get the huds to show up in the hudmover. A keybind is added for use.
  • miniCC: Shows a small 256×256 Command Circuit map on the normal view. Not recommended to use as it overlaps critcal hud elements, and cannot be moved without it getting its view corrupted. A keybind is added for use.
  • Third Flag: For use with version .40+ only. When you grab a flag, the script causes your viewport to very quickly goto 3rd person and show you the view from in front facing to your rear, then from behind facing forward, then it returns to your normal 1st person. (Supposedly) useful during capping to check for chasers.

(ily's scripts originally posted on the forum here), see for more info

  • HUD Toggler: FIXME - I have no idea what this does or if it still works with the current Legends.
  • chatMessages: clientCmdChatMessage() is called whenever a chat message appears in the chat HUD. This script displays the arguments (for example, the tag, sender or message) nicely in the console. This script can aid in writing your own scripts if your dealing with chat messages and need to add a message callback.
  • cmdToServerMessages: Often, an action you do in game (such as throwing a weapon), uses a commandToServer(%msgTag, %msgString) function. This script displays the arguments nicely in the console. This script can aid when you are trying to find a commandToServer tag and string for an action (like throwing a weapon), but you don't know them (by the way when you throw a weapon, a commandToServer('throwWeapn', ””); is called).
  • serverMessages: clientCmdServerMessage() is called whenever a server message appears in the chat HUD. This script displays the arguments (for example, on a flag grab, who has the flag, what team the're on etc.) nicely in the console. This script is extremely helpful when writing your own scripts that deal with server messages, and you need to know the arguments so you can add a message callback.
  • staticLoadout: Once you access an inventory station, you will automatically throw any weapons you pick up that are not in your current favorite. Very useful for heavies that don't like to carry 5 weapons.
  • teamHUD: A HUD that displays all your teammates, and keeps track of who is on offense, defense, and who is afk (it recognized the three states by the words “defending”, “offense”, “afk”, and “brb” displayed in the chat HUD). It also displays the current team you are on, your score, and team balance.
  • throwModule: Automatically throws modules you pick up. Can be configured through jPrefs.cs to only throw Modules when you are in possession of the flag, or all of the time.
  • throwPistol: Automatically throws your pistol whenever you spawn and pick one up.
  • warmWelcome: Greets your friends with a configurable message whenever they join the server. Sound can be added too (configuired through jPrefs.cs)!
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