The MARKETING Tacklebox
Resources to give your water based business the marketing edge
The MARKETING Tacklebox
Resources to give your water-based business the marketing edge

The Marketing Tacklebox – Marketing your fishing business

Marketing tools and tips, and business hacks for the fisherman

The fishing business used to be easier.

There were less people doing it, and word of mouth meant just that, a personal recommendation. Just having a website meant that your contact information would be found and you could sit back and wait for the business to come in. Right? Well maybe sometimes, but not always.

The industry has changed significantly, particularly in the last 5 years.

It’s no longer enough to have a website. It has to rank in search engines against an increasing amount of competition.

Word of mouth is no longer a personal recommendation. Our customers are able to form their own opinion of your business from what they see on the internet and social media.

Your impression on these mediums matters more than ever!

Behind the scenes, the days of big business boat owners are gone as well as their big money resources. This means that often all the effort promoting the business falls on the shoulders of the guy who just wants to be out there fishing.

But the fisherman hasn’t changed.

He/she didn’t suddenly become a marketing guru adept in all aspects of the fishing business.

Sure, he’s adaptable, and is learning along the way, but online and social media can be cumbersome, confronting and difficult to navigate for the skipper who is more used to navigating with the help of a GPS.

Pictures and video have become more than a way to remember an amazing day on the water, they have become significant marketing tools in themselves.

And the old mainstream print media?  It used to be that you would pay up for an ad and that was all. Print media still has it’s place, but leveraging it best to your advantage can be a whole new mindset.

Don’t even get me started on the legislative and administrative requirements.

The Marketing Tacklebox -Kelly Dalling Fallon

Kelly has been doing this for a while now. Helping businesses get their fishing brands in front of potential clients … all the while working in the fishing business herself!

More About Kelly

Kelly is the face behind the popular Black Marlin Blog website and a second generation charter-fisherwoman. She has been putting the Australian marlin fishing scene in front of a global audience for over 10 years and knows just what is involved to do it successfully.

On the technical side, she is a capable web designer who specializes in fishing industry websites. Her technology skills, combined with her fishing industry knowledge and experience puts her in a unique position to help fishermen and women across the world get their brands the attention they deserve; in a market place that is harder and harder to navigate every day.

Of course this real world experience is backed up with education and theory. Kelly holds a business degree (marketing major) and worked in corporate marketing & PR in Australia and overseas for many years before returning to her first love–the ocean.

The Marketing Tacklebox

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Resources and tools to help you with the business side of running a charter business, that will enable you to get back to fishing faster! Tools that I use every day — a list that I have built over the past 10 years marketing a fishing charter business!

Business Hacks

Technology, or maybe social media, not your thing? These business hacks are easy ways to complete seemingly complicated tasks. For the technology challenged, or unfamiliar!

How-to Video

Not a computer person? Sit back, grab a drink and watch the easy how-to videos. This is a video demonstration and shows you how it can be done, step by step. Watch them again and again, at your leisure. Become a pro in no time! (Yes fish included!)

The Marketing Tacklebox is Kelly Dalling Fallon

Kelly is a pro when it comes to getting your business in front of a fishing audience. She gets technology, but also knows all sorts of easy work around tools and resources that the more technology challenged can work with and she puts it in plain English for all to understand. Within weeks of our new site being launched, Gypsy Charters, we were on page 1 of the google search just by doing the simple SEO tasks Kelly set up for me. She’s my go to resource for marketing help!

Katie Ripper – Castille Charters / Gypsy Charters

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