Social Corporate Responsibility

Musketeer Enterprises is a World Wide Governance registered Professional Accounting Firm, Advertising & Marketing Corporation (Business Monitoring, ensuring World Wide (GRC) Compliance - Laws & Regulations, Social Accounting, Auditing & Reporting).

We Encourage a positive impact through our business activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders, Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) etc..

From time too time , Musketeer Enterprises will engage with the Public, for new Film / Media Releases producing Public Sector Announcements (PSO's) / Public Relations (PR) in order for Quality Assurance Services / Market Research Feed Back e.g. Corporate Advertisement : Business TV Commercial / Short Films - Sensitive Public Review & Opinions.

Benefits (Fundamental Strategic & Operational Impact)

  • Shared Values ( Business - institutions & Communities)
  • Promote Competiveness & innovation
  • Promotes a sustainable business model
  • Integrates business into the community
  • Develops Human Capital ( Key in Developing countries)
  • Incorporated in to the business strategy