This is the home page for my website which is mostly devoted to my interests in genealogy and local history. There are pages on my family names and also names of my wife's family from the Black Isle and elsewhere in Scotland.

I have pages which give information about places in Lancashire and Cambridgshire in which my ancestors lived. These include Ramsbottom and Tottington in Lancashire and Coveney in Cambridgeshire. There are several pictures and short accounts of parishes in the Black Isle and Easter Ross.

I also have some pages relating to the village of Westonbirt in Gloucestershire in which I lived and worked for some years. I have also lived in Kuwait, Spain, and Brazil but as yet have just a page on the first of these.

I am currently giving the site a bit of a revamp and a new look. There may be some hiccups which I hope will be corrected soon. Some of the pages have different navigation buttons but in every case clicking on the Greenhalgh buglehorn brings you back to this page.

I have recently added a brief description of the Cotton Industry

I am also removing some of my Scotland content. Some of the links to these pages may have inadvertently been left in place. If any fail to work this is the likely cause.