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Enter a unique positive number to identify this EA.

If a number between 1 and 99 is used, then the EA will automatically generate a magic number, which is used to track the open trades. The automatic magic number is based on the EA Name, EANumber, Chart Symbol, and Chart TimeFrame.
It is therefore possible to use several instances of each of our EAs with the same pair and timeframe as long as they have a different EANumber. For example to use an EA on the GBPUSD M30 with one set file, and the same EA on the same chart and timeframe but with a different set file, set the first EANumber to 1 and the second one to 2 and they will both work with different magic numbers.

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If a number greater than 99 is used, then the EANumber will be used as the magic number.

For example, if you have open trades on one chart, but want to change the chart timeframe, enter the chart magic number as the EANumber BEFORE you change the timeframe, and the EA will still pick up and manage all the existing trades.

There are also different magic numbers for other functions in our EAs, such as the Hedge, SmartScalp, WaveScalp and Contra Trades.

When using the automatic magic number generator, the chances of two charts having the same MN is extremely low... but it is possible. Always check that the MN generated is not already being used on a different chart - if it is, then change the EANumber for the new chart.

When back testing, the EANumber is changed to 0 internally so that a new magic number is generated, and the back test will not interfere with any open trades on the account.

Default is 1.

J Talon EA Indicators

If you want to use any Indicators designed by J Talon to work with an EA on a chart while back testing, set their xxEANumber to 0.

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