Parental Alienation and Church Hypocrisy

jym_headerMy daughters are active participants in Joint Youth Ministry.  I have a lot to do with their participation.  Their older sister was involved for many years which I encouraged.  The program provided a much needed escape for her at critical teenage years.

Lisa Jacobs’ boundless energy continues to be a driving source for the program’s success.

It is with deepest regrets that I must inform you that the program has a major flaw: it abuses children.  I know off hand that seems like a bold statement.  It is also a true one.

You see, Joint Youth Ministry is on a quest to help children in need.  So its success is tied to identifying children in need.  That is exactly the type of scenario a parental alienator needs to spin their magic.

Parental alienators will stop at nothing to forcibly remove the other parent from a child’s life.  That includes telling JYM staff whatever is necessary to coax them into helping strip the other parent away with unsubstantiated stories of abuse or neglect.

Here are some the key problems that need to be resolved at JYM from my perspective:

#1 JYM isn’t interested in the Truth

If someone walks into JYM and spins a story of woe – especially one where children are at risk – there is little done to substantiate the facts.  The knee jerk reaction is to protect the kids.

Not all scary stories of threatening parents are true.  Following one side of a marital conflict is a recipe for disaster.

#2 JYM doesn’t understand or recognize Parental Alienation

This is common.  Society in general is just beginning to understand parental alienation.  One of the most difficult concepts to grasp is that children naturally cling to and validate their abuser.

There is some decent videos if you would like a bit more info on parental alienation, the courts, and how this is counterintuitive:

#3 JYM will actively participate in divorces

Years ago I showed up at my ex’s house for a planned visitation.  I simply knocked on the front door.  My ex’s reaction was to call the police.  I calmly sat on the doorstep and waited for the police to arrive, explained the situation and when they recommended I get a court order, I left.  The hysteria behind the event was generated by my ex.

During the event, my ex put someone at JYM on the phone with my daughter to pray with her because “she was scared that I had arrived”.  JYM came to the rescue and became intimately involved in a divorce they knew nothing about.

Later in the case, JYM provided onsite babysitting for my ex at the divorce courthouse showing their support for her side.  These types of interactions are subtle forms of parental alienation and build cases in the kids’ minds that the other parent must be in the wrong.

#4 JYM isn’t Honoring Thy Father

Regardless of what my ex and our broken Family Courts say, JYM should be accountable to the word of God.  This is the main reason I have not been an active participant in organized religion since I was young: hypocrisy.

  • I am a loving, nurturing parent
  • I have no criminal record
  • I don’t abuse drugs or alcohol
  • I have no history of any type of abuse to anyone

Due to my ex, a broken Family Court system and Joint Youth Ministry, I have been completely, forcibly removed from my children for the next three years of their lives.  The scenario is unethical, Unconstitutional and abusive to both my children and myself.

Several men in prison on felonies currently have more access to their kids than I do.

Our situation would be comical if it weren’t so tragic.

JYM hopes to feed the homeless.  Yet they support a divorce system that eliminate fathers while driving them into homelessness.

Lisa Jacobs avoids my emails because it allows her to believe the only side of the story she wants to hear; the one that makes JYM heroic in saving my kids from an abusive parent.

“I’d rather stand alone speaking for truth and justice than stand silent in a crowd”

Thanks for taking the time to understand my case.  Please follow and participate in Shared Parenting initiatives.  They will help save thousands of children from the fate of mine: complete removal of a loving parent.

Watch for April 25th Events: Parental Alienation Awareness Day.

One of the leading indices in predicting the healthy development of our children is simple loving affection from their father.  By law, my children aren’t permitted to hug their father for the next three years of their life.  I can either wait three years or drive myself broke waging an endless war in a corrupt, broken court system.

I am hopeful that JYM reviews their policy regarding blocking me from my kids in violation to God’s word.




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