The pass few days have been horribly challenging: blisters, too much sun and a day lost to filing bureaucratic family court forms to simply survive being “in the system”.

The bulk of the next two weeks will be down Route 1; miles from anyone or anything.

Parental alienation and slanted court custody scenarios are about one thing: power.  And the victims are made to believe they are powerless, worthless and alone.

Unlike many causes, simply speaking against the corruption could result is further reductions in custody, financial sanctions or the wrath of abusive exes getting their high off the system.

But here’s the thing: We aren’t alone.

We are hidden in the shadows in great numbers with a common story.  Many fearful of speaking out.  Many simply too crushed to speak on their own behalf.  And that all needs to end.

I’m headed south towards Monterey.  Today I’ll be alone again.

Except I’m not.



3 thoughts on “Alone”

  1. Some thing has to change..I barely no my oldest daughter shes 19 kidnapped 18 years ago she has a horible mistrust of me which hurts me very deeply more like contempt but we have only really been able to facebook she doesnt trust me with her phone number and hasnt been back to the usa since 1996. But some of us parents are considering working up a nonprofit 1800 24 hour live counselor with all calls recorded just for children to ongoingly call so their recorded calls could be used for their own cases plus we want to assist in facilitation and funding reunification

  2. Your journey is not in vain nor are you alone when I see your blog and posts it reminds me of our numbers…we are many and we have to empower the kids!

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