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When it comes to work it is increasingly difficult to reconcile making money with making sense. People do work to make a living. Others do work to make meaning. But the two works are not the same work.”

The unMonastery aims to develop a new kind of social space, akin to co-living and co-working spaces, drawing influence from both Monasteries and HackerSpaces, with a focus on the process of co-creation and co-learning between the community and unMonasterians.

At the core of the unMonastery concept is a desire to recreate the best social functions of the traditional monastery: by giving the participants a collective purpose, a chance to develop deep relationships with one another and a reduced need to generate personal income so time can be dedicated entirely to serving the local community and contributing to global efforts in creating new digital tools and practical, open source solutions.


  • The unMonastery is a non-profit project that aims to challenge existing dependency chains and economic fictions.
  • The unMonastery aims to establish a network of spaces throughout the world, which will work together but autonomously to prototype new solutions to common problems.
  • The unMonastery is heavily indebted to the concept of HackerSpaces and borrows parts of the model to build an outward facing space that engages closely with its local community. More about unMonastery.
  • After a three month scoping period, unMonastery Athens is now starting up with a handful of projects and collaborations in the city
  • It is an international/worldwide project with a 200 years projected history – which believes in long term development over short term solutionism.
  • The unMonastery aims to build bridges in Athens through a series of initiatives and partnerships with existing associations.
  • This iteration is designed to further develop a baseline model for the unMonastery, this time in an urban context,  that will enable rapid start-up and replication in other locations throughout the next 200 years. Each iteration aims to improve on the last.


We are experimenting with different ways to finance unMonastery Athens. We forge collaborations and hope to aid local efforts in exchange for in-kind or monetary support. Ongoing projects specific to Athens are listed here. We also formed a Collaborative Working Agency, CLSTR****, which takes on small and medium size tech projects, providing a small income for residents of the unMonastery in Athens.




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