Eris Temple EP

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She Disowned My LifeAdam Fieled
Garden WallAdam Fieled
USA LiteAdam Fieled
Salty Waves Of BlueAdam Fieled
Rake Adam Fieled
Feel Like A Man AgainAdam Fieled
I'm In Love With A Girl (Big Star Cover)Adam Fieled

The Eris Temple EP, by Adam Fieled, was recorded at the Eris Temple in North-West Philadelphia in 2007, produced/engineered by Matt Stevenson, all songs by Adam Fieled except I'm In Love With A Girl by Alex Chilton. Drums on She Disowned My Life by Pete Leonard.

Songs:She Disowned My LifeGarden WallUSA LiteSalty Waves Of BlueRakeFeel Like A Man AgainI'm In Love With A Girl

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