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MouSense software is a free accessibility tool. You need a camera on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. You can control the cursor by moving your head. You can click if you keep your head (and thus the position of the cursor) still.  There are versions for Windows, Android and iOS (see below)

We developed practicing and learning games that you can find on the Handorino site. There is also an authoring tool so you can create your own material for yourself or for your child. You can also play the games together! You can also publish it on our expert pages. Thus, others can take advantage of the materials you creatived…!!!

MouSense PC is for Windows. Like in the other versions, you only need a webcam: you can move the cursor by moving your headand you can click by keeping the cursor still. You can also choose out of many other mouse options, including drag-and-drop. You can also attach a Wii-controller to your leg or to your limb; the software will work the same way for you.

We also have accessible practicing and educational games – please check our site called Handorino.

  Our recent demo is “MouSense Call” for iOS operation systems – it is a simple application that we will develop further. Another iOS application is PinkNoize. PinkNoize implements a number of acoustic filters to create sound effects. PinkNoize can be controlled by head movements! You can download them from Apple Store.

MouSenseAccessibility  MouSenseDasher
MouSense for Android
is a headmouse software for Androids. The software is safe – it uses accessibility options. You can download two apps; MouSenseAccessibility and MouSenseDasher from the Google Play Store*

We also have accessible practicing and educational games – please check our site called Handorino. As we mentioned above, we have authoring tools and publishing methods and would love to have your contributions so everybody could use it!

See how MouSense can work for you!

Tamás Borzási is working with Mousense for Android.
This video was recorded and edited by Gyula Szaffner (2012)

This portal is a place for everybody. We need you if you are a user: share your experiences with us. We need you, if you are a relative, or an expert: Share your ideas! Let us see how far artificial intelligence and image processing can be pushed to help you!

Please, let others know about this tool. We have been working on ground breaking apps that can exploit facial expression tracking or eye gestures. We need your input to make the tools work for you. Kindly use this portal for sharing information and making suggestions and use your favorite community site(s) for spreading information about our portal. Thank you in advance!

Please, register, use our wiki and take part in our forum discussions!

Colleyeder Ltd. is collaborating with Neural Information Processing Group of the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Please, contact us here: Colleyeder Ltd.

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