One of the most important Expa activity are the monthly gathering.

If you would like to present something, show a demo of your upcoming game, give a hands-on lecture to fellow developers or just offer some drinks, please talk to one of the event organizers. The preliminary dates for all gatherings of the ongoing season are presented on Expa’s Facebook page.

Before each gathering, we will publish an invitation on our main news page, as well as and event on Facebook. The invitation will confirm the exact date and gives additional information like the program for the night.

You can find information concerning past gatherings from our news. Come join us! Take a look at the upcoming events at facebook

House rules for gatherings

Expa meetings will mostly follow the house rules that have been established for IGDA meetings elsewhere. The most important rule is to have fun! The gatherings are organized so that like-minded people would find each other and form connections more easily, which is why the gatherings are meant to be laidback and easy to approach. Because the gatherings are organized in a restaurant, participants must be 18 years old or older. Some other activities and the online discussion are of course open for everyone.

Photography – These rules apply to photographs taken by the Expa team members and volunteers. The Expa team’s intention is to take some photos that can be displayed on the website after each monthly meeting.

  1. If the photo shows a crowd and portrays general atmosphere, it will be taken and published without asking for permission beforehand. Individuals will not be named in associated caption texts without permission.
  2. If the photo shows a few individuals in the foreground, clearly as the subjects of the photo, permission to take the picture and publish it along with the subjects’ names will be asked from each person. Subjects may remain anonymous if they wish.
  3. If you notice you are in a picture that has been published and want it removed, simply notify the team at and it will be removed. No questions asked.
  4. If we have a featured speaker, possible photographing and publishing of pictures of the presentation will be agreed upon together with the speaker.