A metal-submini camera disguised as a cigarette package of John Player Special. The longer cigarette is actually the camera's wind handle. a concealed button release is on the top and there is also place for two real cigarettes to complete the disguise.
Not a real KGB camera (as some like to sell those...) BUT made for collectors (?!) or for envy husbands...

Body of the KIEV 303:
speeds: 30 60 125 250
Lens: Industar-M 3,5/23 mm
20 exposures 13X17mm on 16mm. in casette/special cartridge
ser#  18240

The metal box..................body (cassette film seen inside thru the open door)

The box which is also designed like a big cigarette pack contains: the JPS camera, instructions, 16mm film-cartridge.

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