Beverly Hills Defense Attorney, Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, Defends Drug Cases

Drug use has become so pervasive in our culture that many individuals — especially young adults — are in denial about the legal consequences of the possession, use or sale of illicit substances. Your recreational use may have started out as a game that escalated to become a dominant part of your life — until a drug crime arrest delivered the cold slap that brought you back to reality. Now you're wondering how it all got so out of hand and whether your unraveled life can be put back together.

Discreet case management

Most criminal charges, including drug crimes, are negotiated through a process of plea bargaining. When a plea disposition is appropriate, I am able to negotiate fair and favorable terms within the limitations set by my client's particular circumstances. I am known as a trustworthy and ethical attorney — one who has earned the respect of prosecutors and judges who often consult me on legal issues. However, even though I am confident in my ability to negotiate the best plea disposition possible, the client is always in charge. You are the one who will choose whether to accept a deal or fight the charges, and I will always support your decision.

Strong courtroom advocacy from a seasoned trial lawyer

There are times when it is necessary to fight charges in court. I have distinguished myself as a trial attorney, defending clients in some of the highest profile cases in the greater Los Angeles area, including six cases of first-degree murder with special circumstances, a charge that carries the death penalty. I am no stranger to the pressures of a complex trial where a client's life literally hangs in the balance. If you are facing prolonged prison time for a drug crime, you want an attorney who is dedicated to your cause and has the fortitude to see it through to verdict.

Personally involved and readily accessible

While I have handled many high-profile criminal cases, I don't seek to be a high-profile attorney. I am first and foremost your lawyer and I place the needs of my clients above career ambition. I don't hand off cases to junior associates while I'm out chasing the next headline. I form a bond of trust with my clients so they know I'm in their corner and they're free to contact me any hour of the day or night. I often say, "Some attorneys have cases; I have clients." I make a personal commitment to you and invest myself in your success.

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