The Origins of the Mob Squad

Posted Sep 7, 2016

Learn the story behind the Los Angeles Rams' moniker "Mob Squad."

Twitter and the NFL teamed up to launch custom emojis and hashtags for all 32 clubs on Wednesday.

Some fans outside the Los Angeles market were curious as to why the Rams' hashtag was #MobSquad. Here is the story:

Back in September 2015, defensive tackle Aaron Donald made an appearance on SportsCenter after an opening week victory over Seattle. Donald's choice of apparel made a bigger statement than his words. His t-shirt read "Mob Squad" (see tweet) and fans immediately wanted to know where to buy the shirts.

The Mob Squad's origins predate the overnight popularity of Donald's ESPN appearance.

ESPN's Nick Wagoner was the first to cover the story. In his article, he discovered the moniker first emerged in the Rams training room.

"We were all organically talking in the training room how to associate our mascot with having a fan identity," assistant athletic trainer Bryon Cunningham said. "We just said let's look up what a collective group of rams are called. One of the collective names was a mob. We thought not only does that sound cool but it also sounds tough. The Mob Squad was born and the whole thing took off when Aaron Donald wore the shirt on ESPN."

Sure enough, if you look up sheep (male sheep are rams) on Wikipedia, you get: "A group of sheep is called a flock, herd or mob."

"The Mob Squad started internally in the football facility and branched out to the fans," assistant athletic trainer Tyler Williams said. "It was something we hoped the fans could hold onto and feel like part of the team. The fans are the Mob Squad. We are the Mob Squad. On game day, every member of the Mob Squad is a part of our organization."

The evolution of the term is quite remarkable considering its beginnings. On game day, you'll quickly spot fans in Mob Squad t-shirts and you'll hear players reference the name during interviews.

"A flock of rams is called a mob," Brockers said. "That's how we attack. It's not just one of us. You have to play all eleven of us."

So the Mob Squad is a way of life with the Los Angeles Rams, especially on the defensive front. Opposing teams will know when they play the Rams. The team mentality is to be nasty and tough on the playing field.

Head coach Jeff Fisher recently stated at the Rams Kickoff for Charity Luncheon when asked about playing a tough schedule, "Teams have to play us, too, and they'll feel it once they've played us."

The Rams of the 1960s and 1970s had the "Fearsome Foursome." The Rams of today have the "Mob Squad."