Website Design Get your brand, business, or message online

Pressert Marketing creates custom, clean, modern, accessible, and manageable websites for businesses and individuals. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a professional web page that will draw the user in and better connect your brand to customers.

Our process is simple and straightforward; we like to complete our projects within a prompt time frame. At the beginning of the process we’ll sit down with you and assess what your site needs and suggest any functionality that may enhance the page. Some websites are more content driven than others, and we can also assist in helping you gather this information.

  • Design
  • CMS
  • Mobile
  • Content
  • Code
  • Website Management
  • Hosting

Designing Your New Website

Our team will meet with you to discover your brand colors, graphics, and overall look your business desires. We'll offer advice on what design options get results and create a demonstration graphic before we start building your site online. Once you approve, we'll take our artist rendering and turn it into a magnificent web page that will be accessible from any computer or device.

Content Management System

Pressert Marketing uses Content Management Systems (CMS) for all of our websites; they are the backbone of modern website development. They allow easy management of web content, with instant results when used. Modern content management systems like Joomla and Wordpress are widely used by web developers.

Mobile Device Compatible

Our websites look great on mobile devices, but with our dedicated mobile device versions they can look even better. During our first meeting we will discuss the benefits of a mobile upgrade.

Content Creation and Consolidation

Often our clients do not have any content for their website. Content is important because users need that information, not just pretty design elements. Our team at Pressert will help you create content and /or research additional appropriate content to incorporate into what you already have.

Coding Modern HTML & CSS

Our team is proficient with modern website coding and capabilities. We prefer to keep our coding as clean as possible to enhance page loading times and compatibility. Once we build the page, if there are changes that need to be made, our team can quickly update the code to reflect those changes. We also create custom code in scenarios that require special features.

Website Management

While our websites are easily manipulated by our clients and their employees, there are times when they need additional website management. Managing a website could include adding new features/promotions, creating content, updating elements, troubleshooting problem, and even managing a chat support team.

Hosting and Domain Management

Websites need two services to function correctly, a domain name and hosting plan. We use a 3rd party hosting and domain service to bring you the lowest monthly fees possible. Other website companies will often require you to host with them and mark the price up more than 15 times the actual cost. We don't, and we'll help you manage your account, buy your name, and set up the entire service.

Our Process

1. Propose

We will sit down with you and assess your vision and goals for a website and suggest any functionality that may enhance your site. We will then provide you with a proposed project contract.

2. Plan

Once you give us the green light we will meet again to identify your brand colors, graphics, content, and overall look. We'll offer advice on what design options get results. Some websites are more content driven than others, and we can also help you gather this information.

3. Design

We will design a mock up for your approval. When you are happy with the design we will start getting it online.

4. Develop

This is where we will build out required pages with content, develop the CMS (Content Management System), e-commerce or other database driven functionality.

5. Launch

With everything in place, we provide a demo site featuring a working model of your page. We’ll debug it, test its features, and complete the search engine optimization.