Hello World!

After loosing my latest server I started to write from the beginning. 🙂 In this very precious first post I’ll explain some key points about Software Quality and Software Engineering. Let’s directly dig into the topic and start with an example;

Imagine a bridge built by workers. Also again imagine the same bridge designed by engineers and built by workers. Which one you would choose? This is same as comparing coders with Software Engineers. Software Engineering focuses on controlling the development process and achieving constantly good results.  You may ask What is Software Engineering or what are the goals of Software Engineering? The meaning of Software Engineering is the study of the techniques and theory underline the development of high quality software.

Here are some goals of Software Engineering;

  • Solve the right problem.
  • Deliver a solution on time and within budget.
  • Deliver a high quality solution.
  • Accomplish these things in an ethical manner.

and so on.. These are the most important and essential ones.

This was a short, but gold article. 🙂 So, what you should do after reading this? Go ahead and start working on the principals of Software Engineering. Most of the new programmers just follow the tutorials and write down sample codes without even playing with them. That may be okay for beginners(Just for a few weeks). However if you are a Computer Science student or a graduated one and don’t know about main principals of OOP such as inheritance, abstraction or polymorphism you should start worrying by now.