I am a middle age homo-sapiens drinking too much coffee.

I am also the father of 3 homo-sapiens-sapiens (2 males/1 female). During the day, I work as a scientific researcher, sponsored by the french tax-payers to try and understand the brain machinery that allows us to speak.

Everyone is welcome here (except those who have borrowed books from me for and have not returned them!).

Unless you are specifically looking for information about my work or my vitae (available from the menu on the left side), I recommend the Fun, Food for thought and Links sections.

If you are a student wanting to know more about the brain, I recommend the uncyclopedia article on the brain.

Finally, in case you feel somewhat tired, another option is just to browse the photo galleries (Switching off your computer and going out for a stroll may also be a good idea. You are probably spending too much time on the Internet).


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