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Articles : TDD & BDD in Methods & Tools Winter 2014 issue
on 2015/1/6 3:24:53 (16131 reads)

Methods & Tools – the free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers – has just published its Winter 2014 issue that discusses Agile Analysis, Self-Selecting Teams, Collaborative DSL, TDD with Mock Objects, BDDfire.

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Articles : Learning TDD with Coding Dojos in Methods & Tools Fall 2014 issue
on 2014/10/7 0:22:42 (7533 reads)

Methods & Tools – the free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers – has just published its Fall 2014 issue that discusses better coding with Coding Dojos, Lean Agile metrics, the difference between requirements and specifications, software testing and project management open source tools.

Methods & Tools Fall 2014 contains the following articles:
* The Coding Dojo - a Forum for Improving your Coding Skills
* Lean Agile Metrics for Scaled Agile Systems
* Something Old, Something New: Requirements and Specifications
* CatJS - Testing HTML and JavaScript
* Applying Java Code Conventions Using Walkmod
* ProjeQtOr - Open Source Project Management
* Mobile Test Automation with Selendroid

60 pages of software development knowledge that you can freely download from http://www.methodsandtools.com/mt/download.php?fall14

Articles : Free Web Load Testing Services
on 2014/10/6 3:56:54 (5940 reads)

Thw web is now the dominant platform for software development and thishas fostered the development of load testing services on the web. The Software Testing Magazine website has published article that presents some free offers from commercial web load testing services providers.


Most of these  free Web load testing services  have limitations that concern the number of virtual users, the duration of the tests, the number of tests and the ability to test from multiple geographical locations. If some vendors put explicit values on each of these items, other are working with a credit system that you can apply to multiple configurations.


Read the complete article on http://www.softwaretestingmagazine.com/knowledge/free-web-load-testing-services/

Articles : State of Mobile Software Testing 2013 Report
on 2013/3/12 6:56:41 (2964 reads)

Are you doing testing enough your mobile software? Most companies don’t! Find out how you compare to other development and testing teams. XBOSoft surveyed global software development and software testing teams to understand mobile testing best practices.

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Articles : Unit Testing in a Managed Environment
on 2010/8/17 5:20:00 (5932 reads)

You’re ready to start unit-testing in a more managed, process-oriented way. How do you do it? Let's say, for example, you have Microsoft Team System in place, and you use it for source control and tracking work items. Obviously, you can do much more with Team System, but let's start with the basics. You've tasted enough unit-testing to feel that everyone can benefit from them. Where would you start?

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Articles : Automated Exploratory Testing
on 2010/3/30 4:38:33 (9226 reads)

Automated exploratory testing is a method integrating Test Automation within the Exploratory Testing Session that enables the testers to save money and to become more productive during test execution. This article describes automated exploratory testing and explains its benefits.

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Articles : Testing-as-a-Service – The new “Third Way” for Performance Testing
on 2010/2/10 2:50:18 (5762 reads)

As recent online sales figures have shown increasing numbers of us are choosing the Internet for our regular purchases and to access services such as banking and utilities. Last  year online sales totalled over £40billion in the UK alone making the development of a Web storefront something no serious retailer can afford to ignore.


Author: Paul Caine, http://www.blucap.co.uk/

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Articles : Web Performance Testing - Test objectives and Real Life Monitoring
on 2010/1/26 8:00:00 (7319 reads)

Web Performance Testing is executed to provide accurate information on the readiness of an application through testing the web site and monitoring the server side application. This article describes different techniques and aspects to be considered when performing Performance Testing on Web Applications.

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Articles : Removing Duplication in Unit Tests
on 2009/4/30 2:00:00 (5710 reads)

This article is taken from the book The Art of Unit Testing. As part of a chapter on the pillars of good tests, this segment shows how to remove duplication from unit tests.


Author: Roy Osherove

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Articles : Exploratory Testing: Finding the Music of Software Investigation
on 2008/3/18 2:03:10 (3293 reads)

My friend Steve is an exceptional classical guitarist. Watching him perform is inspiring – he has a rare mastery over the instrument and has spent years developing his craft. Steve can also explain the techniques he is using while he is playing, to teach and demonstrate how a student can learn and improve their own skills. Steve can make a guitar sing, and says that music is about tension and resolution. If music is all tension, you get uncomfortable as a listener. If it only resolves, it is boring, tedious repetition. Steve extends this concept to the actual physical actions that a guitarist employs to create certain sounds. For example, if you play with a lot of tension, you will limit your ability to do certain tasks. To make music, you need to find a balance between tension and resolution, and to find this balance, you need a mix of knowledge, skill and creativity.

Like Steve, my friend James Bach is also exceptionally skilled. James isn’t a guitarist, he is a software tester. James is also inspiring to watch while he practices his craft. He is a master of skilled exploratory testing: simultaneous test design, execution and learning [1]. James can also explain the testing techniques he uses while he is testing, to instruct testing students. The first time I saw him test software, I was reminded of my friend Steve. This time the tension and resolution wasn’t related to music composition or the execution of techniques on a musical instrument. Instead, the tension and resolution revolved around ideas. James would simultaneously design and execute tests based on his curiosity about the application. He would get feedback on a test, learn from it and design a new test. The tension was generated by the questioning nature of his tests, and the resolution emerged from the results of those tests. There was something almost musical in this interplay between the mind of the tester and the application being tested. This shouldn’t be surprising; as a software tester, James has a well-developed mix of knowledge, skill and creativity.

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