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Press Releases : Rapise 3.0 Released - Provides Mobile Device and Exploratory Testing
on 2015/4/21 8:41:14 (13112 reads)
Press Releases

Inflectra has announced the release of Rapise 3.0, the most comprehensive and powerful automated testing suite on the market. The latest version includes support for the testing of mobile devices (including native apps) on iOS and Android devices and support for exploratory and manual testing.

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Press Releases : Software Testing in the Cloud using Rapise Cloud Edition
on 2015/3/11 8:10:49 (14844 reads)
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Take your automated software testing to the cloud. With the new release of Rapise cloud edition you can start testing immediately, no hardware or test lab needed, just sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and rent our Rapise cloud AMIs on-demand, with no minimum usage and no annoying monthly or annual fees, just pay for what you use.

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Press Releases : Rapise v2.2 Released
on 2014/12/4 11:14:49 (13326 reads)
Press Releases

Inflectra is pleased to announce the release v2.2 of the Rapise test automation system. The latest version fixes some issues identified when recording using Firefox and optimizes playback support using Chrome and Firefox. It also includes support for CSS-based locators.

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Press Releases : BlazeMeter Unveils Version 3.0 Unlimited Testing Platform
on 2014/11/10 10:28:47 (12171 reads)
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BlazeMeter, the leading load and performance testing as a self-service platform for mobile, web and APIs, today announced BlazeMeter version 3.0 at AWS re:Invent. The next-generation back-end automated testing framework facilitates continuous testing as part of the product delivery cycle. This allows users to run an unlimited number of tests with “zero time to test”, resulting in faster release time without compromising the software quality.

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Press Releases : Ranorex 5.1 Adds Android Mobile Web Testing
on 2014/7/17 8:47:57 (5361 reads)
Press Releases

The Ranorex 5.1 release of the Ranorex software testing tool extends the mobile web testing capabilities with Android web testing. This enables not only cross platform web test automation, but also increases object recognition for hybrid apps.

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Press Releases : Developers and Testers to Easily Extend SoapUI Pro by SmartBear’s Core API Testing Capabilities
on 2014/7/17 8:06:14 (4404 reads)
Press Releases

SmartBear Software has released a new version of SoapUI Pro, including a new plug-in framework that allows users to create, browse and install plug-ins for SoapUI Pro’s API testing functionality.

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Press Releases : Perforce Adds Search Capability to Version Management Tool
on 2014/7/14 7:57:28 (3826 reads)
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Perforce Software has announced the availability of P4Search, a comprehensive search tool for all content stored in the company's version management engine, P4D. Trusted by some of the world's most innovative companies such as Salesforce.com, NVIDIA and Pixar, P4D stores an organization's most valuable IP -- source code, design templates, legal documents and images, among other assets. P4Search is a highly customizable tool, available as a standalone service or as an integrated function within a customer's Perforce environment.

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Press Releases : Applause Collaborates on Mobile Application Quality Solutions With IBM
on 2014/7/3 9:25:35 (3335 reads)
Press Releases

Applause has announced an ongoing technology collaboration with global solutions leader, IBM. Through this teaming, the two firms have co-developed mobile app quality solutions that enable companies to improve app quality and delight their mobile users. These offerings take the form of both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

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Press Releases : Tricentis Integrates Tosca Mobile+ Software Testing with SAP
on 2014/6/30 10:17:26 (3145 reads)
Press Releases

Tricentis announced that it joined the SAP(R) PartnerEdge(R) program for Application Development. Tricentis Tosca Testsuite, Tricentis' next-generation model-based testing product, is now available on the SAP Store, SAP's online store with mobile apps, downloads, and demos from SAP and partners, making it easy for SAP customers to purchase Tosca.

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Press Releases : BlazeMeter Introduces Breakthrough Scriptless Performance Testing Technology, FollowMe
on 2014/6/30 9:32:29 (2121 reads)
Press Releases

BlazeMeter, provider of the JMeter-based performance testing cloud, today announced FollowMe, scriptless performance testing for its cloud-based platform. FollowMe rapidly speeds up and simplifies performance testing by eliminating complex, costly and time-consuming scripting procedures. Developers can run large-scale performance tests of their API, mobile app, mobile website or Web app in real-time by simply clicking through their product, with virtual users following their every move to simulate load.

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