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Lynn Ridenhour's
39-Year Baptist Minister Turned Charismatic Mormon Remnant Gatherer


"...addicted to the ministry of the saints..." (I Cor. 16:15)

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• Official Website
• About Dr. Ridenhour
• Sterling's Intro of Lynn Ridenhour
• Speaking Engagements
• Introduction -- a Personal Glimpse
• Books
• General Writings
• star Ministry Moments (index) - God's Miracles
  - Money Miracles (index)
• star Protestant Evangelism (index)
• The Restoration in Me - pre BofM writings
• Correspondence w/ Anti-Mormon Baptist Fundamentalist Preachers
• Me in the Restoration - post BofM writings
• The Learning of the Jews
• Classic Posts to David's Outcasts
• Suggested Links
• Family Photos
• star Newsletter


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bullet Official Website - launched January, 2012


bullet Meet Lynn Ridenhour
Lynn Ridenhour has been a Baptist Minister for over 39 years, exercising the gifts of the Spirit and living by faith. Having been numbered among the avidly anti-Mormon-cult crowd, he was miraculously converted to the gospel according to Joseph Smith upon reading the Book of Mormon. He joined the LDS church for a few years but presently is disassociated so as to not be unfettered in his ministry.  Yet he retains his commitment to the restoration gospel, though certainly not ignorant of the saints’ shortcomings in regard to their magnificent destiny. His primary gift and mission in life seems to be to stir the coals of revival among the charismatic-inclined who are numbered among the various restoration movements. Hence his residence in Independence, Missouri. God bless you, Lynn.

Sterling D. Allan
November 1, 2000
Updated Jan. 25, 2005

Lynn Ridenhour with site
founder and director, Sterling
D. Allan, Jan. 22, 2005,
when they met for the first
time, at the Ezekiel Conference
held in Salt Lake City.

Lynn in front of Herb booth
Lynn Ridenhour
in earlier days


bullet  Speaking Engagements

Lynn travels extensively for speaking engagements.  Should you want Dr. Ridenhour to come and speak in your church or organization, simply email him, giving him the details.


bullet Introduction -- A Personal Glimpse
Missouri Mob Descendant Apologizes to Mormons, Performs Miracles - Southern Baptist Minister, Lynn Ridenhour, addresses Ezekiel Conference in Salt Lake City, Jan. 22, 2005
An Epiphany - A life radically changed by God
All Things to All Men -- Is Lynn A Baptized Member? - Lynn, the Christian bridge builder, describes his experiences as a licensed Baptist minister of 36 years, his revival work among charismatic circles, his time among the Mormons.
Conversion of Baptist Minister to Mormonism
Part I: The Restoration In Me (pre Book of Mormon)
Part II: Me in the Restoration (post Book of Mormon)
Brief Biographical Sketches
On the Home Front -- A Personal Bio Glimpse
Musings of a Retired English Professor
Brief Update on Activities (Oct. 10, 2000)
Merry Christmas! - Dec. 2000 update on activities
Update coming soon on the Ridenhour's "Adam & Eve's Restoration" business of restoring affordable housing for the poor
Book of Mormon Missionary Outreach - July 28,29, 2001 in Missouri
Talented or Gifted? - Some introspection.




In The Trenches: A Word for Reformation & Restoration Christians 



General Writings

See index: Ministry Moments -- Grandpa's Moments with God - Lynn shares miraculous experiences from his life, showing the Almighty's healing power.
See index: Protestant Evangelism - sharing the glory of the Book of Mormon with fellow Protestant friends.
Living in Goshen - Finding peace amidst destruction. A word of hope in troubling times. (Oct. 13, 2001)
Christ our Lover - preparing for the wedding (11/26/00)
The Manifested Presence: Our Birthright (Oct. 2, 2001)
By What Authority? - prophet vs. prophecy; temples
The Kingdom Perspective - Ministry not just of words but of signs by miraculous power
Endtime Promises and Greater Manifestations
The Triumph of the Kingdom and the Fall of Babylon - establishment of God's kingdom on earth with help of heavenly hosts
Real Christianity A Family or Court Room? - Approaching God and religion as angry and vengeful, versus supportive and loving.
Steps to Glory -- An Essay on Sonship
The Flying Messenger - angels among us, destiny of translation.
A Good Dose of C.S. Lewis for What Ails Us - On Truth-Myth-Reality clash and synthesis
Absolutism vs. Relativism Fallacies: "I Know I’m Right, But"
Two-Tiered vs. Three-Tiered Universe - Western vs. Hebrew World view and the role of God's intervention
Truth as Both Emperic and Gnostic: An Answer to J.J. Dewey and His Band
Eventide - that time before total darkness sets in.
Restoration of the Last Adam


bullet Index of "The Restoration in Me" Sermons, Writings
(Pre-Book of Mormon)
See index: Ministry Moments -- Grandpa's Moments with God - Lynn shares miraculous experiences from his life, showing the Almighty's healing power.
The Gift of Faith -- Doctrine and Experience
How I Received the Gift of Tongues -- Letting the Lord
Mysteries of the Kingdom: Jesus' Parables in Matthew 13 as an Overview of Christian History/Destiny
Crawling on our Hands and Knees to God
The Humanity of Christ -- Extremes of Conservative Christian and New Age
Three Types of Churches
What is Heresy



Lynn's Correspondence with "Anti-Mormon"
Baptist Fundamentalist Preachers

How Can He (Lynn) Believe the Book of Mormon? - Spirit of Sectarianism vs. His Lordship
See discussion board


bullet Index of "Me In The Restoration" Writings
(Post-Book of Mormon)
star Those Crazy Charismatic Book of Mormon Lovers - "Houston, we have a problem"
The Mighty Baptism in the Holy Spirit and its Place in the Restoration
How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
The Main Purpose of the Book of Mormon (part I) - restoration of the covenant
A Closer Look at Covenants (part II)
The Book of Mormon
Joseph Smith & Charismatic Gifts
The First Miracle Done in the LDS/Mormon Church - Newel Knight delivered from demonic possession, filled with Spirit. First LDS general conference: several laid prostrate in the Spirit.
Charismatic Manifestations in a Mormon Context
star Visions of North, South, East and West - At the temple plot in Independence, Missouri, Jesus Christ teaches Lynn metaphorical spiritual symbols of the South, North, East and West; says, 'Go West.'
Storehouse Giving, Offerings as Two-way Street
Medicine and Mormonism
Did All Those Bible Readers Get It Wrong? - Daniel 8:13,14, Carthage, and the cleansing of the sanctuary
Comment on "Twin Strands of the Priesthood" -- Power and Authority
The Christmas Story and Masonic Symbols of Joseph Smith, Restorer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
The Loss of the Restoration's Supernaturalism: Jesus, the Historical; Christ the Existential; Our Lord, the Universal
Dreamers in Zion: Spiritual and Physical Gathering and Evangelism
On Life in the Hereafter: Testimonies of Saints in the Hereafter
Definition of "Church" in Relation to Laws of Man
The Aaronic Priesthood and its ministry in our day - Restoring the principles of praise and worship.
Walking in the Renewed Covenant - Renewal and fulfilling of ancient covenants in these fulness of times.
The Whole Christ: Rediscovering the Gifts of the Spirit
The three-fold elements of power, authority, and character as embodying Jesus Christ and the body of Christ.
Apollonius and Jesus Debate Resolved by Restoration
Brother Joseph the Prophet
David's Restoration - David's life and ministry serve as a pattern for my own transitions down through the years (evolving modes of worship)
Children of Christ
God of the Philosophers - brief comments on the godhead
The World Within the Word
Spiritual Eunuchs
 star Are Demons Real - Essay on the power, modalities, pervasiveness even among righteous Christians, and means of removing demons.
Touch Not Mine Anointed - fate of those who persecuted Joseph and the Saints.
The Temple of the Lord - prophecy regarding the Kirtland Temple; edifice vs. body


bullet Classic Posts to David's Outcasts
There are many, but this is a start:
See listing of other David's Outcasts favorites
David's Restoration (Aug. 14, 2000) - the many modes of worship, all have their place.
From Joseph to Joseph: One Kolob Revolution (Jan. 18, 2001) - The Holy Grail and the transferal of priesthood authority from Joseph of Arimathaea (ending 570AD) to Joseph Smith (1830AD) -- 1260 years apart.
On discerning the demon spirit (June 19, 2000)
Conservative, Progressive and Moderate (July 15, 2001)
One of the Greats Regarding Justice & Mercy (Jan. 14, 2001)
On New Age deception (June 26, 2000)
Jewishness of the Book of Mormon (July 23, 2000)
Sabbath = Rest (Aug. 10, 2000) [Susan's reply]
July 24, 2000 Feasts Series
The Restored Gospel: Fulfillment of the Feasts
The Feast of the New Moon
The Great Escape(s) - (1) children of Israel, (2) from England to America, (3) history of saints (July 24, 2000)
Feast of Pentecost
The Feast of Tabernacles
Waiting for the Garbage Truck - embracing good and discerning bad
Lynn's Most Recent Posts to David's Outcasts Email Discussion List


bullet  Suggested Links

Laman & Lemuel--two party conspiracy - Getting out of a corrupt system


bullet  Other Items

Lynn's Reply to Kansas v. Ridenhour
Victim of consumer fraud by now-imprisoned Missouri attorney general assured by judge of expungement of bogus indictment (selling securities without a license).
Nothing's Changed
What it was like sitting in court and being wrongfully charged. (Dec. 1, 2000)
Links to 'Ridenhour' Family Websites - extended U.S. family genealogical website.


bullet  Family Photos

Linda Ridenhour, Lynn's wife

daughter, Lori



bullet  Newsletter

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Lynn's Most Recent Posts (L.M. Enterprises) - includes dialogue from others.  [This is not an archive of Lynn's newsletter, which began only days ago and as yet has little by way of archive.]



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