Final Consumption of Energy

Final consumption of energy measures the consumption of final energy products, i.e. fuels used for electricity, district heating and space heating, and transportation fuels and industrial processing fuels. The difference between total and final consumption is lost through transformation and transmission losses of energy.

Final consumption of energy in 2013 (provisional data)
  • 1 102 PJ (26.3 Mtoe)
  • 202 GJ / capita (4.83 toe/capita)

Final consumption of energy in 2012
  • 1 110 PJ (26.5 Mtoe)
  • 205 GJ / capita (4.88 toe/capita)

Final consumption of energy went down by one per cent. According to preliminary data, the share of manufacturing in final energy consumption was 46 per cent. Space heating of buildings accounts for one-quarter of final energy consumption. The use of energy consumption in transport increased by one per cent, the share of consumption remained almost on level with the year before.

Source: Statistics Finland – PX-Web
4 Final-consumption-of-E-by-sector-2013

5 Final-consumption-of-E-by-sector-2012- 2013

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