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Golf Games Rules

John Jaques originated the popular garden game of Clock Golf in the mid 19th Century, along with Croquet and many other garden games. Since the War, many of these old garden games have grown dramatically in popularity, and John Jaques have introduced many new games to add to the choice available. One advantage of Clock Golf over other putting games is that only one hole needs to be cut in the lawn.

The game of Clock Golf can be played in any garden where there is room for an approximate circle of 10-30ft in diameter. Any shape of lawn is suitable, and any obstacles, such as shrubs, can be played around and merely make the game more interesting. The numbers are pegged into the ground as shown, with adaptation to the space available. The flag and cup is fitted near the centre of the lawn, but offset to one side a little to make some holes longer, and some holes shorter. Tap the cup onto the lawn to mark a ring for guidance, and use a trowel to cut out the hole. Take care not to cut the hole too large or too deep.

If there are four players, the game can be one pair against the other, taking turns. However, any number can play, each player scoring for him or herself. Toss a coin to start; first putt is from number 1 to the hole, players take alternate putts and first to hole out wins the hole. The player whose turn is next has the first putt from the next number and so on until all 12 holes have been played. The winner is the player or pair winning most holes. A tied game is decided on a sudden death basis, by the winner of the first extra hole to be won outright; i.e. by the player taking fewer strokes on a hole than any other player.

An alternate method of scoring is to add up the cumulative total of strokes each player has in the game. A game would normally consist of the best of 5 games.

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