Returns, Damaged Items, Packing Errors And Software Disclaimer

Live And Learn has a fairly standard return policy. In general, you have 30 days to return most items purchased. At holiday time we will extend the return policy if you make us aware the order is a Christmas, Hanukkah or TY4BY gift.

We normally refund the full purchase price of the item being returned. We do not refund any shipping fees, and we may deduct additional money in certain circumstances, which are explained thoroughly on this page.

There are certain conditions and exceptions covered in our return policy. Damages and packing errors are handled differently than standard returns. International customers do not have the same protection as domestic customers.

If you need to cancel an order shortly after placing it, see the bottom of our Shipping Information web page.

Please read all the information in this section for full details...this is the most important section to read before placing an order, so please read it all...especially item number 5 in red type which specifically states what items cannot be returned! 

1 - RA Number - All returns must have an RA Number (Return Authorization Number). To receive a RA Number you must either send an email message to or call us at 443-394-8501 and tell us you have a return. If emailing, include the full customer name as shown on the invoice, the invoice date, invoice number, and tell us what you want to return. We will reply via email with all the information necessary concerning the return. Unauthorized returns will not be credited and will only be shipped back to you at our discretion and your expense.

2 - Standard Return - A standard return is an item you received, but decide not to keep. There is nothing wrong with the product, you just want to return it. Well, unless a product's description on its web page states otherwise, an unopened item may be returned within 30 days after shipment for a full no hassle refund minus shipping charges. The item cannot have been used, and must be in perfect condition (including the packaging). Products which are not packaged such as plush, must be in their original condition which includes having all tags still attached.

If we shipped the item to you free of charge, we will deduct the cost of the original shipping fee we incurred sending it to you. If your order did not qualify for free shipping, but we charged you less than our actual cost to ship the package to you, we will deduct what it actually cost to ship the package to you. If the item shows signs of wear, or the packaging is not in pristine condition, there may be a repackaging charge, or the return may not be accepted. Therefore, do not return anything if it is not in perfect condition.

Additionally, at our discretion, we may charge a restocking fee, not to exceed whichever is greater of $2.95 or 10% of the order's total, to cover our processing, materials, and labor costs.

All returns must have an RA number or it will not be accepted. See item #1 above for RA number information. 

3 - Damaged Items And Shipping Errors - All of the products we sell are brand new, factory fresh items from reputable manufacturers. And when we ship an item to you, it goes through many checks to ensure you get exactly what you ordered.

Even so, once in a while an item may get damaged in shipment or there may have been a manufacturing problem during a production run or the wrong item is shipped from our warehouse. Therefore, you must check your order immediately upon receipt.

All damages and errors in shipment must be reported to Live And Learn within 7 days without exception.

Each case of damage is handled differently. You may be asked to return the product to us, to the manufacturer, or to no one at all. Products which are received damaged may be replaced, repaired, or returned for a refund at the discretion of Live And Learn and its suppliers.

Please be advised, some companies offer no warranties for their toys and some companies offer very good warranties. But please understand, we personally do not offer any warranty of any kind. Toys break, that is a fact of life, and we do not replace a toy if it breaks.

Thus, by placing an order you are acknowledging that Live And Learn does not warrant the life span or quality of the products it sells, and you are agreeing that Live And Learn's sole responsibility is to ship you a brand new, unused product in the condition received from the manufacturer and nothing more.

Additionally, the products we ship are in the condition we received them from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, there are times the product's retail packaging may arrive to you slightly crushed or damaged. We do not warrant against retail packaging damage. Although we do our best to ensure your package arrives looking fresh, superficial damages can occur because of a number of cut costs many manufacturers use retail packaging that is light and thin and just the pressure of packing material inside the shipping carton may damage it, some items such as dolls have see-through plastic retail boxes that can get marred or easily dented in transit, some packages are light weight and when they are handled by UPS or the USPS they may fall victim to having an extremely heavy carton thrown on top of it and subsequently get crushed, etc. We apologize in advance if the contents of your order contains one or more items that looks a little shop-worn. Even though we do our best to avoid such situations, that is the nature of the beast when packages are loaded and unloaded on trucks, tossed around in shipment facilities, and piled on conveyor systems multiple times on their trip from us to you.  

4 - Special Information For International Customers - The products we sell do not have any international warranties. Therefore it is very, very important to inspect your package the day it arrives to determine if anything was damaged in transit. Every international order is shipped insured, and a damage claim can be filed for damages in transit. It is also important to only purchase items which are not likely to have a hidden manufacturing defect which may surface after a short period of time. Items to stay away from are toys with moving parts such as Jack-In-The-Box toys, dolls with special features such as potty dolls or dolls with blinking eyes, plus audio and video products. If you receive a product with a manufacturer's defect it will be at the manufacturer's discretion whether they will help you. Although we will assist and advise you if you receive a damaged item, or an item breaks prematurely, Live And Learn itself does not offer any warranty or guarantee for the products you purchase.

5 - Non-Returnable Items - Certain items cannot be returned under any conditions. If a non-returnable item is received damaged, and you contact us within the prescribed 7 days as discussed above, we pledge to remedy the situation via repair or replacement as described above. Items which cannot be returned under any condition include all (opened or unopened) video cassettes, audio cassettes, DVDs, CDs and computer software; books; pianos; mouth instruments: final sale items; special orders of products we do not normally stock; bulk purchases; guitars and any item designated on its web page as a nonreturnable product.

6 - Software Disclaimer - Live And Learn does not warrant nor guarantee that the software posted on our site for downloading, or the commercial software we sell will work with every computer. Although most software programs will work as expected on most computers, there are instances where computer software will not install properly, not operate as expected, or even crash a person's computer. Long time owners of Windows based machines are very familiar with blue screens of death, and although Mac systems are more stable, they too experience problems with certain programs. Therefore, when you download software from our site or purchase commercial software from Live And Learn it is understood that it is at your own risk. We do not guarantee the software will work on your machine, and if it doesn't, you cannot hold Live And Learn liable for any problems you experience or expect to get a refund if you paid for the software. In addition, we are sorry, but we are not software technicians, and therefore we cannot help you with computer software related problems. Most of the commercial software we sell include a help file, and/or tech help numbers either on the package or in text files on the software disk. If you experience a problem with software, please contact the software company per the information found in the software package.