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Nimble America Shitpost

Hey Fellow Based Centipedes, it’s purpletricycle , former mod and the guy helping to run the operations for this non-profit 501c4, which means I help coordinate between our mod team here on /r/the_donald, the non-profit 501c4, and the RNC. First of all, I want to thank every one of you glorious shitposters for giving me the opportunity to not only work as a Mod for the_donald but to put something together for our movement, an organization of like-minded individuals that can band together beyond Reddit to tackle important issues around our country.

Together with mod team, the RNC, and the Dev team, we created (which looks very similar to another YUGE website but still needs work!). We have a few objectives for today:

  1. Bankroll: Initial launch and advertisements are being funded by a Billionaire that has been vetted to the top mods and Milo. /u/NimbleRichMan is holding a 48 hours match for all donations/revenue to Nimble America. While he is helping us with the non-profit, it is very important to show we are strong in numbers. Signing up on, the /r/nimbleamerica sub and supporting through merchandize is how we become a force to be reckoned with.
  2. Follow the lessons of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States: Like Trump, we will raise funds mainly through selling merchandise. Centipedes have frequently asked us to sell the great content we make and fund a movement, but we didn’t want to be like berniebots so we needed to find a purpose that lives through Trump, his movement and Beyond.
  3. Our Memes Kill Trump Haters Dreams: We conquered Reddit and drive narrative on social media, conquered the MSM, now it’s time to get our most delicious memes in front of Americans whether they like it or not. This means Billboards (like this one) in all battleground states while the “blue hairs” are commuting to McDonalds, late night T.V. slots when their wives are busy, NYC Time Square Stickers when those globalists are trying to sell America out from under us, and in their newspapers when those liberals are trying to sipping their LGBTrans Helicopter Gendered Non-American Made Tea-ish Wannabe. Our first Billboard outside Pittsburg only cost 75$ for a 7 day run every 4 minutes, imagine what we can do with a 24/7 BB up in every major battleground city.
  4. But why not donate to First do that! but there is a limit to the donations. Second, we feel we have the unique opportunity to channel our community’s energy into real life ads that can have a HUGE impact during and after the election.
  5. Raise a YUGE amount of money to SHITPOST across America: Not going to beat around the bush here. Nationwide ShitPosting is not free, neither is shitpost material approval. We’ll need lots to help Make America Great Again! Our donor will help us, but the more we raise the more we shitpost
  6. /r/nimbleamerica will vet and only hire the best!: Post all memetastic graphic, video, merchandize materials over to /r/nimbleamerica . There we will genericize and approve of designs to submit to /r/the_donald community. The best will then be voted on and shitposted across America.
  7. New HIGH ENERGY Flairs: Top content submitters and merchandize creators will get special flairs and free Nimble America gear.
  8. Totally Transparent: All funds publicly raised and spent through /r/the_donald will be publicly available on We’ll be ready for a deeper analysis than Melania’s Speech.
  9. DO YOU EXPECT MATCH ME’S? OF COURSE WE DON’T: We don’t expect donations from anyone, all we want is to spread pro-Trump movement merch. Now if anyone wants to donate, we will not say no (there is the option on the booster and website and on We mainly leave donations up for when your parents and grandparents see this on FB, or Twitter, or email and they want to give us that dollar. All donations are not tax deductible due to non-profit 501c4 FEC regulations, unless we say otherwise (we are filing for a letter of determination but that takes time)
  10. BUT I SPENT ALL MY MONEY ON TENDIES!: Good news, #1 thing you can do is sign up with your email on (it gives you a voice). Next you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and forward our meme-filled emails to your family and friends. 90% of emails from Nimble America will be content, non-solicitations.

Thank you everyone for entrusting us with this mission. I’ve been very grateful for all the support the mod team has shown in this endeavor and making sure we’re 100% honest

More Proof (from the /r/nimbleamerica subreddit)

501(c)4 Non-Profit

Nimble America

Milos Endorsement

[–]1q2s3e4f5t6h7u8k9o0PA94 points95 points (32 children)

Why do we need Nimble America?

[–]MAGA_trumpCA57 points58 points (26 children)

It doesnt exist.

[–]lucillyTX41 points42 points (6 children)

Cant wait to have these shady donation threads all over the weekend news making Trump supporters look like chumps - all because Milo and his crew are greedy.

[–]MAGA_trumpCA29 points30 points (0 children)

Its really ridiculous. We had such a good week here too. Now ruined by a non existent PAC !

[–]Rafafedkilla55 points56 points (0 children)

Yep, just donate to Trump guys. He uses the money wisely and effectively.

[–]HydriumVET27 points28 points (0 children)

Mods are starting to ban people and delete comments, this is beyond fucked.

[–]NavalMilkTX24 points25 points (0 children)

Holy shit, this is the globalists trying to take over.

[–]flyinglotus1983FL0 points1 point (0 children)

If theyre literally going to put /r/the_donald memes on giant billboards from small donations.. Then as skeptical as I might be, theyve got my attention. The normies dont get to see what fun were having, that would be the easiest way to make that happen. Ill be waiting to see if it pans out. First billboard I see in my city, they might actually get a donation from me.

Other than that single point, Id agree that the money is better spent going right to Trumps Campaign.

[–]HexezWorkCA94 points95 points (3 children)

That is fine if you wanna promote it separately but this isnt officially endorsed by the community.

Side bar maximum other then that I dont support this.

Only donate through

[–]MAGA_trumpCA31 points32 points (2 children)

Not even sidebar for this shit.

[–]canaryCukDEU17 points18 points (0 children)

It is an utterly disgusting move by the people who run this place.

At least now know milo gave his reddit account away.

[–]Bobby_Smith77NC13 points14 points (0 children)

Yeah, why the hell is this shit stickied?

[–]euphorictipperNM71 points72 points (3 children)


[–]PleadTheFortyFifth10 points11 points (2 children)

[–]ageoftesla2 points3 points (0 children)

So much promise... :(

[–]Gorehowl912 points3 points (0 children)


[–]ageoftesla70 points71 points (0 children)

I dont get it. Wasnt part of the point of this movement to prove that we could do this for free?

[–]Gluten_Free_BBQUSA71 points72 points (0 children)

GTFO. You cant bottle lightning.

[–]nhanvan67 points68 points (1 child)

Enough of this shit, youre giving us a bad name. You guys are really pushing your luck due to this week positive news and trying to ride along it. Good fucking luck, this is the worst subreddit to try to do this.

[–]hillaryshealth-orgUSA3 points4 points (0 children) if you want a website to waste your time with that isnt trying to mirror Trumps campaign website.

[–]duckington45 points46 points (2 children)

Mods this is very fishy what are you doing pls delete

[–]Bobby_Smith77NC2 points3 points (0 children)

Best case is this is a case of "just a prank lolz" worse is some mod is helping scammers.

[–]Mawrak0 points1 point (0 children)

Probably a hack.

[–]MyalkoTX84 points85 points (0 children)

Honestly guys...this isnt us. The whole point of us being here is to shitpost and show that we can support our man, have fun doing it, and do it for free. Ill say it again: this is not us. This is not what were about.

[–]voting_trump_2016NJ43 points44 points (2 children)

First time ever that I will down vote a sticky

[–]Oh_hamburgers_NY39 points40 points (1 child)

Hello fellow kids! Anyone know where we can find some illicit drugs?

[–]h35grga40 points41 points (2 children)

Seems we say no, so give up or try again later. Weve gone through a mod change and things have historically gotten a little rocky. Just ignore this shit and itll blow over.

[–]lurkwellmyfriendsNC0 points1 point (1 child)

This could have been handled more smoothly. Im not necessarily against this sort of thing and it may be on the up-and-up ... That said this just comes out of nowhere, is not introduced to the community, seems contrived, and is presented with questionable timing.

Couldve broached the subject in a much more tactful manner ...

[–]h35grga1 point2 points (0 children)

Stop doing weird shit when were winning is my motto.

[–]ahaverlackUSA34 points35 points (0 children)

I feel like you guys should have brought this up in an earlier post and asked everyone what they thought before just moving forward with this... seems really off point...

[–]pureupscale32 points33 points (0 children)

Donate on trumps official website if you want to donate. Sounds like another one of those scam websites.

[–]Malformed132 points33 points (0 children)

Youre attempting to turn this Dom into a business opportunity? I cant say I blame you, but Im a bit disappointed.

[–]sjwkingGRC31 points32 points (0 children)

This smells fishy

[–]turtledan87VA32 points33 points (0 children)

Get rid of this shit. Only donate money directly to trump

[–]GraceJonestownMAGA54 points55 points (8 children)

I need someone to fact check this for me. Preferably on the fly.

[–]curiously_Altoids30 points31 points (4 children)

Evan Evan Evan Evan

[–]YugeFuckingGun900017 points18 points (3 children)

Hang on hang on hang on

[–]theinnmostdens12 points13 points (2 children)


[–]BarackOkieDokeBotMI6 points7 points (1 child)



This is a new bot made by /u/PM_ME_YIFF_PICS

[–]theinnmostdens4 points5 points (0 children)

This bot/that video will never get old.

[–]AlwaysHeldBack54 points55 points (1 child)

Hey! Get this shit out of here! Did you guys seriously delete the comment I just posted on? Jesus Christ. Have we seriously been infiltrated by shillary supporters? We dont do things like this. We shitpost for ourself. Our autism is weaponized for ourselves. No one needs payment. Pepe will not become a sponsored Meme.

[–]lucillyTX8 points9 points (0 children)

Troll mod took awhile to troll. Fuck them.

[–]OmniquistUK28 points29 points (1 child)


Should have asked for community feedback before double-stickying this.

[–]curiously_Altoids3 points4 points (0 children)

Yup. This is bullshit. Keep posting your disdain fellow centipede

[–]unthrowablISR27 points28 points (0 children)


[–]Birdorcage1USA23 points24 points (0 children)

Who asked for this lol

[–]KnollsitIRL25 points26 points (0 children)

Fuck this shite.

[–][deleted] (17 children)


    [–][deleted] (14 children)


      [–]purpletricycleCA[M]-24 points-23 points (13 children)

      Weve been through months of work with various consultants for people who work in the government as republicans or consult for the RNC. The person probably most relevant is

      [–]MAGA_trumpCA20 points21 points (8 children)

      so, who? Also, there is no filing on the FEC website with Nimble America, so whats the actual name of this PAC?

      [–]liquid_hot_MAGANV21 points22 points (0 children)

      i am 28 and wat is this

      [–]BalanceCoil20 points21 points (0 children)

      Super no thank you. Please dont ruin this sub with this crap.

      [–]shortbread22OH20 points21 points (0 children)

      100% fuck this.

      [–]DrRubotnikMO22 points23 points (0 children)

      I love the smell of astroturf I the morning. :-/

      [–]lelpocalypsenowOK19 points20 points (0 children)


      [–]EmailHillaryLostPOW18 points19 points (0 children)

      Please dont cause a rift into our movement by trying to monetize our efforts to get Trump elected, There is less than two months left.

      [–]Eat_The_MuffinUK35 points36 points (4 children)

      Uh oh the mods are deleting all dissent, looks like this sub has been corrupted.

      [–]olater3IL8 points9 points (1 child)


      [–]lelpocalypsenowOK0 points1 point (0 children)

      r/Mr_Trump 2: The Reckoning?

      [–]Mawrak0 points1 point (0 children)

      Probably a hack.

      [–]MAGA_trumpCA53 points54 points (0 children)

      guys, theres no filing with the FEC. Please do not do something stupid. You can verify this here ->

      [–]GillocTX16 points17 points (0 children)

      Fuck this shit. It was only a matter of time before the the gold rush came knocking. Donate to Trump/Pence official or dont donate at all. Get your shit together mods. This is embarrassing.

      [–]terjr36 points37 points (0 children)


      [–]PleadTheFortyFifth35 points36 points (0 children)

      not going to make our own CTR. No.



      This shit is grassroots as it gets. It is eden for Pepe, and we will not allow SNEKS within! Do NOT allow the people to lose control of this movement.

      [–]slickrick0133MAGA34 points35 points (0 children)

      We have the momentum! Dont bring this shit in right now. Seriously, this is taking focus from our message and will look bad all around.

      The shills already say Trump is doing this just to make a quick buck. Now theyll say our mods are doing the same. Dont sticky this.

      [–]GinsengandHoneyFL16 points17 points (1 child)

      You mods are just glorified janitors Im not donating shit to you. My money goes to Trump.

      You tried this before and it failed miserably. Dont fuck up our sub.

      [–]lucillyTX2 points3 points (0 children)

      Exactly. I give my money to Trump. If somebody asks me to give it to them they can go fuck themselves. And if theyre a mod here or Milo and asking for Trumps money, they can go DIAF.

      [–]ketovision15 points16 points (0 children)

      PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE! Do this after the election if you must. Not now when we have the momentum. DO NOT LOSE FOCUS MODS.

      [–]alienbabyrask18 points19 points (0 children)

      this is really dumb

      [–]to65216 points17 points (0 children)

      trying to bottle and sell meme magic... smh get this outta here

      [–]CumblastExtravaganzaMI15 points16 points (0 children)

      Ehhhh.. Can we stop with this shit? Nimble America isnt a good name anyways.

      [–]GdhgcjgUSA31 points32 points (1 child)

      This crap has to stop.

      [–]Fudrucker0 points1 point (0 children)

      First the crap websites full of shady ads, and now this. Always someone trying to make a buck off other peoples hard work.

      [–]1111326NH13 points14 points (1 child)

      Why are they taking the Haiti thing off sticky for this? Haiti is WAY more important.

      [–]Bobby_Smith77NC0 points1 point (0 children)

      Some mod doing some fishy stuff.

      [–]rickscarf14 points15 points (0 children)

      Im so glad to see everyone questioning the validity of this shit.

      As one who is a little versed in non-profits, before you ever give your money anywhere you should make sure they are an ESTABLISHED entity with several YEARS of financials available and you should ASK FOR and RECEIVE recent financial reports if they are a REPUTABLE organization. Only after you have reviewed those financials (and the mission) should you make a decision to give your money or your time.

      edit: also be very wary of 501c4 ("SUPERPAC") organizations, they are what we have all been saying is wrong with the system, folks!! 501c3 are the good ones, in GENERAL

      [–]subbookkeepperAUS13 points14 points (0 children)

      Isnt this post election/ascension stuff?

      [–]NotJohnMillerMN14 points15 points (1 child)

      damn this is a bad look for this sub. we cant have division in the midst of the most important election of our time

      [–]original_walrusTX1 point2 points (0 children)

      Division? It seems to be only a handful of supporters. The vast majority of the sub seems to be very against it thankfully.

      [–]lucillyTX12 points13 points (0 children)

      This is a bullshit thread. If anybody wants to donate to Donald Trump for President they should do it directly. Dont give the money to Milo or anybody else.

      [–]NeuroticShrimpCAN14 points15 points (0 children)

      Get out!

      [–]sergemcgrawCAN27 points28 points (0 children)


      [–]NIMBLE_NAV_FANMAGA24 points25 points (0 children)

      Ok, while this is a noble effort, this isnt the place for this. Sure, promote it on Facebook or Twitter, I support that. But not this Dom.

      [–]OverDosedOnTrump12 points13 points (0 children)

      Lol weve been infiltrated. Way to make this place a shit show when Trump needs us now more then ever. So much attention has been driven here and now mods are selling out to make money off it.

      [–]animal_backwardsTX24 points25 points (1 child)

      Deleting negative comments? Whay is this r/politics?

      [–]anamazingman9 points10 points (0 children)

      Last night they deleted my posts and threads questioning why Trump hasnt mentioned the P2P scandal going on - which is weird that he hasnt - so I felt it is worth of discussion - I was censored - in this section

      [–]Gabrielle_of_York12 points13 points (0 children)

      This seems very fishy, I wouldnt donate unless this was endorsed by the Trump campaign and PROOF that you worked with the RNC. The anonymous "nimble rich man" who promises too fly his jet less if you donate (WTF?) brings up more red flags.

      [–]bandaidsareforbabies10 points11 points (0 children)

      Your in dangerous waters my friend. Meme magic isnt to be played with. Only kek has the power to bring meme magic into real life. Kek is the chosen one.

      [–]suubzOH21 points22 points (0 children)

      I thought that was just a shitpost

      [–]churm91FL9 points10 points (0 children)

      Am drinking. But please for the love of Christ dont tell me when I wake up tomorrow this is going to be like that retarded ass Mr_Trump schism bullshit that we had to go through back in the day. Just keep money going to Trumps official page. Whether this is legit or not its just one of those things its better off not doing because it makes people nervous/puts em off.

      [–]HIGH_ENERGY_MEMESCA37 points38 points (2 children)


      Edit: what the fuck is this shit, mods are deleting top comments protesting this action and post. Since when are we the subreddit of censorship and shilling.

      [–]BamaBangs8 points9 points (1 child)


      [–]basedairhornIL7 points8 points (0 children)


      [–]DeMinimis_Jones7 points8 points (0 children)


      [–]BrovyIeTX6 points7 points (0 children)

      This isnt us.

      [–]liltraderboiMAGA6 points7 points (0 children)

      This is how you destroy the community, faggots. It has begun, we have been infiltrated.

      [–]canaryCukDEU16 points17 points (0 children)

      Match me shit.

      [–]lucillyTX6 points7 points (0 children)

      Downvote into oblivion centipedes.... and report to Reddit for fake ass shit.

      [–]malibu31NY6 points7 points (0 children)

      This is what we get for hitting 210,000? Im going to go to bed and hopefully, when I wake up, this never happened.

      [–]spooky_maxKY5 points6 points (0 children)


      [–]Bckf5 points6 points (0 children)

      Whos dickin these mods girlfriends now? This place is cucked tonight!!

      [–]SilentMajorityWhipARMY7 points8 points (0 children)

      Im all for creating a few (notice; plural) front organizations/political machines as necessary for the broader Trump movement post-election, but good Sir, you will have to either put or shut up when it comes to your organization if you wish to remain anonymous.

      [–]_Madison_MAGA4 points5 points (0 children)


      [–]nazereth16 points7 points (0 children)

      I donated $0. Match me!

      [–]the_nimble_centipede4 points5 points (0 children)

      U wot m8? Kek is not pleased.

      [–]GillocTX5 points6 points (0 children)

      You disappoint me faggot Milo.

      [–]FeedMyBaconstein5 points6 points (2 children)

      Thats it? A basic shit web site you can make with 20 bucks and a case of beer?

      With one shit t-shirt to buy and a click here to donate?

      Poorly launched scam. Anything but nimble.

      [–]GillocTX1 point2 points (1 child)

      A shit shirt at that...

      [–]FeedMyBaconstein0 points1 point (0 children)

      Are we being trolled?

      [–]CptPipedreamUSA4 points5 points (0 children)

      The community is about to crucify this.

      [–]dlllk12 points13 points (0 children)

      i can get behind a gofundme with a direct plan to put up billboards i think that would be better but not a super pac.

      [–]thinkhard168 points9 points (0 children)

      DONALD J. TRUMP for PRESIDENT in 54 Days, MAGA

      [–]MyalkoTX22 points23 points (1 child)

      Watch as the billionaire turns out to be Don Jr or something

      [–]MAGA_trumpCA9 points10 points (0 children)

      LOL no.

      [–]Haaselh0ffMAGA3 points4 points (0 children)

      Im so conflicted by all this right now. Not really sure which side to be on. I think mods had the right intention but at this point its too far out to really help anything and its better to donate to trump himself

      [–]MythArcana4 points5 points (0 children)

      With all the Hillary scandals weve seen, this makes us nervous. Im really still not even sure what this is other than having a meme contest, generating swag from the winners, then what again? I like the premise, but an official endorsement or something would go a long way.

      [–]defender_NAVY3 points4 points (0 children)

      The best way to help DJT get elected is not this. It is through the best quality shitposting, meme magic, and putting crowd-sourced investigative manpower against things like the DNC leaks. Trust the God Emperor to know how to use contributions.

      [–]CptPipedreamUSA3 points4 points (0 children)

      Get out of here. You claim to be FEC but are NOT. SCAM SCAM SCAM

      [–]TrumpsbbqtendiesTX4 points5 points (0 children)

      What the fuck? An AMA with an anonymous person? Asking for donations?

      Eat a dick.

      [–]TheFatalFrame3 points4 points (0 children)

      Do we look like a BITCH?! Why are you trying to fuck us like a bitch... This is the kind of shit the Dems pull. Thankfully we have no issues calling out bullshit no matter which camp its from. You guys can go fuck yourselves.

      [–]Kids_Eat_FreeMAGA7 points8 points (0 children)


      [–]ChooseRight16PD2 points3 points (0 children)

      Dont trust this. Stay focused on the prize and #MAGA.

      [–]Hear_that_CricketUT2 points3 points (0 children)

      Oh shit. Here we go.

      The next big dom shakeup. This was really poor timing.

      [–]SharunNY6 points7 points (0 children)


      [–]GillocTX2 points3 points (0 children)

      Not gonna work. This Dom is too smart to fall for this junk. Bury this in down votes.

      [–]howthedaysgobyCA1 point2 points (0 children)

      FEC Filing or GTFO. Show up the papers boys

      [–]ValanantarNY2 points3 points (3 children)

      Id rather buy pepe

      [–]PEPE_Price_botUSA0 points1 point (2 children)

      Buy order placed!

      The price of PEPE just went upupup! $852 is the current price.

      One share added to TehDonalds portfolio. They now own 1 shares.

      The PEPE market is getting flooded! Get in while you still can!

      -bot by GIGWT /u/GuessIllGoWithThis

      [–]Eat_The_MuffinUK0 points1 point (1 child)

      BUY PEPE

      [–]PEPE_Price_botUSA0 points1 point (0 children)

      Buy order placed!

      The price of PEPE just went upupup! $848 is the current price.

      One share added to PEPE_Price_bots portfolio. They now own 225 shares.

      The PEPE market is getting flooded! Get in while you still can!

      -bot by GIGWT /u/GuessIllGoWithThis

      [–]Wess_Mantooth_82nd0 points1 point (0 children)

      I need personal guarantees that this will put Pepe and Robert Byrd kissing Hillary on billboards or no deal.

      [–]TheGreatestPaniniAZ0 points1 point (0 children)

      this is low energy. SAD. Mods please remove this cuck

      [–]TakingCoatsPR0 points1 point (0 children)

      So what is this for? Putting up billboards with memes in swing states and ads on TV?

      [–]Tiz2260 points1 point (0 children)

      This is bullshit. If this is what this Dom is heading towards, then I dont want to be here. Im keeping the coat though.

      [–]nuhbinPA1 point2 points (0 children)

      Fuck off welfare queen

      [–]Charlemagne_III1 point2 points (0 children)

      The reaction to this thread has made me as proud of this community as I have ever been.

      [–]YUNGxMAGA20161 point2 points (0 children)


      [–]MDemagogue0 points1 point (0 children)

      Theres shitposting and then theres posting shit.

      [–]howthedaysgobyCA0 points1 point (0 children)

      Mod-List cleaned out, then this nonsense. Out, out, out!

      [–]CorruptionISTreason0 points1 point (0 children)

      This community is too dank for this. OUT OUT OUT

      [–]20-Gauge0 points1 point (0 children)

      Does Mr. Trump know about this?

      I dont want any part of this, and I dont think we need you. Things are going just fine without some special organization to "organize" centipedes/shitposters ... especially when you want our money.

      [–]KansasCityChefsNY0 points1 point (0 children)


      [–]AverinMIAFL0 points1 point (0 children)

      Get this the fuck out, the hell are you doing

      [–]onlainari0 points1 point (0 children)


      [–]energysohighOK0 points1 point (0 children)

      Its a no.

      [–]derpexMAGA0 points1 point (0 children)


      "oh hey look a group of chumps I can make money off! Hey guys buy my shit, MAGA n shiet rite???"

      [–]DeathbyFriedChickenUSA0 points1 point (0 children)

      Fuck this shady shit. This is how it goes people. Thank for killing this sub mods

      [–]nightmarememeUK-5 points-4 points (0 children)

      Will this website sell shirts for non-US centipedes who cant buy from Trumps website?

      [–]Duke217-5 points-4 points (0 children)

      This is a good thing guise, organizations like these help influence think tanks in Washington DC.

      We have a behemoth to subvert.

      Shitposting and memes is the key!