In show business, the top priority is leaving your audience wanting more, and in the case of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, you can’t find a bigger cliffhanger than the one cooked up for their debut season’s close. With the mission completed (we think?), and the villain defeated, the team set off for a brand new heroic mission – only to have another visitor from time shown up in a copy of their time ship with a heck of a warning.

Of course, it wasn’t the warning, so much as who it was coming from: Rex Tyler, a.k.a. Hourman (Patrick J. Adams). And, in keeping with his comic book persona, he announced himself to be a member of a super-team of his own: the Justice Society of America. With that revelation the season came to a close, but the Justice society has been confirmed to be playing a role in the next season. So, how will DC Comics’ first attempt at a superhero team be crossing paths with the Legends? Simple: they’re headed back to the 1940s, the same period that saw their debut in the comic book page.

It’s a clarification that won’t stun too many comic book fans, since the Justice Society’s home – Earth-2 (as seen on The Flash) was later retconned into the main DC Comics continuity as a parallel world that just happened to seem like the 1940s, allowing the original Flash, Green Lantern, and Hourman to coexist with the versions of the heroes from decades later. The Comic-Con trailer for Legends didn’t reveal much of what will take place in season 2, but did include our first look at Golden Age hero Citizen Steel (Nick Zano). Add in a cameo from Albert Einstein himself, and it seemed that the era and the JSA would be linked as they are in the comics.

We got the chance to ask Legends cast members Brandon Routh about the coming adventure, including the time periods the team will be heading to, and what new threats may emerge from such trips. Aside from teasing one… special trip back in time, Routh confirmed that the Justice Society’s WWII-era stomping grounds won’t be a one-stop sojourn:

“So far what I know about the show, the season is Ray is pretty gung-ho about meeting the Justice Society of America and thinks they’re pretty cool, and they’ve got a well-oiled machine. And maybe the Legends can emulate certain aspects of that… This season opens up an opportunity to have a whole bunch of people back from the last season and from the other shows, as well. Because this season we’re not chasing Vandal Savage so we’re able to kind of do more of whatever we want. The whole world is open.

“Well we’re going back to the ’40s, for the JSA. That’s where we meet the JSA. And I think we’ll spend a fair bit of time there, in different countries within the 1940s. It’s the focus of the first couple episodes. And there’s a couple times we go way back. I actually don’t know how much I can say about where we go, I’ll have to ask Marc [Guggenheim[ that question. I mean, further back than we’ve gone… well… to one extent we go wayyyyy back, but for a portion of it we go… pretty far back.”

So, are we looking at an Indiana Jones style adventure taking down Nazis in search of supernatural loot? Or will it only be Golden Age villains that our superheroes will be tackling before heading off to the next time period? Either way, we know that the big armored Boy Scout Ray Palmer will feel right at home among the old-fashioned crimefighters of the Justice Society.

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The Flash season 3 will premiere Tuesday October 4th at 8pm on The CW; Arrow season 5 will premiere in the same time slot on Wednesday October 5th; Supergirl season 2 on Monday October 10th; and Legends of Tomorrow season 2 on Thursday October 13th.