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    July 2016 Florida General Bar Examination Results

    Press Release

    Below are the results from the General Bar Examination administered in Florida. They are broken down into pages based on applicant number. Find the range of numbers containing your applicant number and click on the link to that page to see your score.

    NOTE: Notification of the posting of Bar scores will be sent out by the Court's Twitter feed @flcourts, and Facebook,

    If you do not have your applicant number, DO NOT CALL the Supreme Court or the Florida Board of Bar Examiners for this information.  A letter informing you of your grades will be mailed to you the same day the Court releases the grades.  You will have to await receipt of that letter to find your results.

    All documents posted are accessible and posted in Acrobat PDF.

    Bar Applicant Number Results
    11327-45259 PDF
    45268-47599 PDF
    47600-49254 PDF
    49258-49947 PDF
    49952-50344 PDF
    50347-50887 PDF
    50888-51189 PDF
    51191-51444 PDF
    51445-51698 PDF
    51699-51945 PDF
    51946-52194 PDF
    52195-52433 PDF
    52434-52684 PDF
    52685-52946 PDF
    52947-53245 PDF
    53246-A90017 PDF


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