Successful Applicants
July 2016 Idaho State Bar Examination

September 15, 2016: A list of the Successful Applicants will be available on the website after 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time.  Results will also be available by telephone after 9:00 a.m.  Callers will be given either a pass or fail response by telephone.  Confirmation letters will be mailed to all applicants on September 15, 2016.  Idaho does not release essay scores for successful applicants.  After results are released, MBE scores may be obtained by sending a written request to the Idaho State Bar.

All successful applicants will receive a licensing packet to complete before the Admission Ceremony.  You must continue to update your application prior to admission with any relevant information that would change any of the responses or supplemental information in your application.  Questions regarding licensing forms must be directed to Annette Strauser, Licensing Administrator, (208) 334-4500. 

To avoid delays in receiving your packet and potential delays in your admission, it is essential that you keep the Idaho State Bar informed of any address changes.  Contact the Admissions Department immediately at (208) 334-4500 if your address has changed. Licensing must be completed online using the New Admittee Online Licensing program or received in the Idaho State Bar office by September 30, 2016.

October 6, 2016: The Admission Ceremony will be held before the Idaho Supreme Court and the Federal District Court at 4:00 p.m. at the Boise Centre at 850 W. Front St., Boise, ID 83702.


If it is after 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time on September 15, 2016 and the list of successful applicants does not appear below, try using Refresh or Reload on your web browser.


Successful Applicants

Pass Rate: 72.5%

Aguilar, Mitchell Reyes
Alder, Andrew R.
Allen, Austin Orme
Ambrose, Jack E.
Anderson, Eric Alan
Atkinson, Steven Atwell
Ball, Jeffrey Rankin
Bastian, Kyle Eric
Batey, Ingrid Christina
Betson, Andrew Warlick *
Black, Ryan Michael
Breshears, Alexandra Anne
Christman, Sheena M.
Corley, Max M.
Dickinson, Samuel Nephi
Earl, F M Cody Duane
Enterkine, Katelyn Elizabeth
Evangelides Dodd, Christine Ann
Fackrell, Patrick James
Fielding, Cory Bert
Finch, Samuel Louis
Findlay, Amanda Elaine
Fluckiger, Jared S.
Ford, Brittany Kay
Fowler, Nathan Andrew
Frates, Austin Jeoffrey
Freund-Marceau, Claire Marie
Frost, Matthew James
Grad, Alexander Keith
Graham, Shannon Marie
Gray, Donald Zachary
Griffey, Stephanie Suzanne
Gustaves, Jason Clay
Haas, Katherine L.

Hardie, Dayn S. *
Harper, Barbara F.
Herzinger, Christopher W.
Holt, Brandon Price
Hurley, Joseph Francis
Johnson, Charles Alan
Jorgensen, Sean M.
Judy, Ammon Clark
Kreimeyer, Brittany Ann
Kuznetsov, Ruvim Vyacheslavovich
Lackey, Quentin W.
LaFranchi, Courtney
Laliberte, Jamie Paul*
Lavigne, Lauren Teresa
Lockett, Sandra Dawn
Lovotti, Dominic Giulio
Madsen, Kylie Lopez
Marelius, Ashley Rachelle
Martin Beller, Janice Marie
Masingill, Brandon Thomas
Matier, Jaime Lynn
McCracken, John Michael
McCrostie, John Andrew
Mitchell, Molly Elizabeth
Morozova, Natalia
Morse, David James
O'Bryant, Nicholas Tyler
Oliver, Jason Laurance
Ormond, Jack Keith
Owens, Shelby Kate
Pangburn, Bobby Eugene *
Perkins, Angela Dawn
Peterson, Larry Scott

Peterson, Reid Kermit
Pluskal, Andrew Graham
Pounds, Lance Marlow
Powers, Tyler Andrew
Prew, Lauren Ann
Przybos, Kara M.
Randolph, Jill Alexandria
Roan, Beck Charles *
Rodriguez, Anja Renae
Rousseau Malek, John Michael
Schmitt, Samantha Gene
Scholl, Keith P.
Skaggs, Katelyn Michelle
Smith, Amy Marie
Smith, Colleen Rosannah
Smith, Dori Lyn
Smith, Hillary
Smith, Sara J.
Spayd, Joseph Alexander
St. Clair, Leeann Ming Yee
Stegelmeier, Cory Roy
Stephens, Brian Lee *
Stokes, Rori Leigh
Swajkoski, Jennifer Lynn
Swenson, David Garrett
Tamsen, Jeremy K.
Tranmer, Nicholas Dean
Twede, Ruth Helena
Ward, Brennan Shipley
Wells, Linda Elizabeth
Whipps, Allison Kathleen
Wolfe, T. Matthew II
Woodson, Timothy James

*Not eligible for admission/No MPRE score

Information for Unsuccessful Applicants.