Genocide Watch

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Genocide Watch
Founded 1999; 17 years ago (1999)
Type Non-profit NGO
Focus Human rights activism
Key people
Gregory H. Stanton
Mission Prevention and prosecution of genocide

Genocide Watch is the coordinator of the International Alliance to End Genocide, founded in 1999. The NGO aim to stop, prevent, predict and improve the coverage of Genocide, Politicide and mass atrocities.

The Stages of Genocide[edit]

The Genocidal Stage
Denial 8
Extermination 7
Preparation 6
Polarization 5
Organization 4
Dehumanization 3
Symbolization 2
Classification 1

Countries at risk[edit]

State Victims Perpetrators Stage
DRC Congo Civilians, Congo Tutsi Ex-Rwanda genocidist, mineral warlords 7
Sudan Darfurese, Abyei, Nuba Sudan army, Arab militias 7
Eastern Congo, Sudan, Uganda Civilans Lord's Resistance Army 7
Syria Civilians Assad, Alawite loyalist, Army 7
Somalia Opposing clan Al Shabaab 7
Afghanistan Civilians Taliban 7
Pakistan Civilians Taliban 7
North Korea Civilians (opponents) Korean Army 7
Burma/Myanmar Shan, Khacin, Karen, Rohinga, democrats Burmeese army 7
Ethiopia Civilians (opponents) Tigrean army 7



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