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We are very excited to share some wonderful testimonies we hear from satisfied customers who have used MAFactive creams. The following link will take you to those amazing testimonies!    

Reactivated Wellness Customer Feedback:

"So this happened today... my immune system freaked, as it does from time to time, and I burst out a shingles flair on my arm. I get them on my face, arms, legs, along with the normal back/chest area... the itching, burning, and nerve pain was IMMENSE when I woke up. Went to doc (90.00). Filled script (127.00 for 12 pills). But when I got home I thought... why not just put MAFactive cream directly on outbreak? As you can see I put the cream on ... itching, burning, AND nerve pain gone in less than 5 minutes. I usually suffer with pain for days and sometimes weeks. I still took my med because I fear spreading, but I don't know at this point if I'll take a another dose due to the pain disappearing so fast from the cream! Wanted to let you know."

This is from the same person who first sent in the above testimony regarding shingles. So this is about two weeks later:

This is her arm after applying MAFactive regularly:

"Almost gone. usually takes 3 or 3 weeks... zero pain or burning after cream application 12 hous later (sleeping a good part of that time, so maybe closer to 24? I only reapplied on sores 3 or 4 times because I wanted them to "dry". But have been doing back of neck every other day."

Bless you for all that you do! I am spreading the word of GcMAF. It is helping my immune problems, my boyfriend's diabeties and  our dog's tumors. We are all seeing a huge a difference! Together we can   save lives! much love xoxoxo

A friend had shared a jar of the MAFActive with Frankincense with me.  This is a gift from Heaven!  After using for a week my lymph system and myofascia are at a whole new level of health.  I am treating my whole lymph system extensively with this cream.  Over this two-week period of time I  used a little over a half jar.  Are there any discounts for "bulk" orders?  Thank you for affording this product and I look forward to hearing from you and making my first purchase directly with you.

I received a wonderful voicemail from a doctor who is using MAFactive cream:

"This cream seems like it has supernatural abilities! My office assistant had a terrible headache and her feet always hurt her at the end of the day, but after using the cream her headache was gone and her feet no longer hurt!"

Then the doctor proceeded to say that the day before she called me she lost her voice and had a touch of a cold and within 24 hours she was speaking with a clear voice when she left me that message

A lady who is using the cream and seeing great results in Lyme disease enquired on behalf of a friend about Bell's Palsy, which came on a few weeks ago after the birth of her baby. When it looked like it may be beneficial, she kindly gifted her pot to her friend.
This update came in yesterday, two days after she was given the cream - **UPDATE** I gave my friend whatever I had left over from the original cream (since I already got my new order) cause she was a bit skeptical on buying it. And shes already seeing results. Her text:
"My face seems to be getting better- this cream is a miracle if it works so quickly"

"Update 1- 3 weeks using MAFactive cream. I have ME. Was diagnosed in my late teens and reconfirmed too many times to count by various physicians during my 20's and 30's. I had not had a catastrophic relapse (read, to the point of bedridden for weeks) relapse in almost 3 years. Mostly mild to moderate symptoms, but those are heartbreaking enough to have to endure chronically. When I started the cream I had an onset of symptoms, mostly unrelenting fatigue, loss of motor coordination, loss of spatial awareness, memory fog, mental processing difficulties, after about 3days. Been struggling to the point of tears ever since, but not beaten! I KNOW that the cream is re arranging things in my system. I can FEEL (trust me, I know my body) that things are being activated and shed. One of my main cravings when I hit a relapse is unrefined sugar. That craving is GONE I noticed. That this time around it didn't even rear it's head at all! And the thought of putting that in my body is repulsive (and we're talking binge worthy triggered cravings every other time). So that in itself is telling me the neighborhood is cleaning up!😊 I was using 1 pea size amount dabbed on both lymph nodes 2 times a day, morning and evening. Last week I reduced it to 1 time a day, mornings. I had been advised to slow down since I was heading into crisis and my body seems to be responding actively. I'll do update 2 in 3 weeks or so."

"My husband has been applying the cream under my feet at night and for the past three nights he didn't wash his hands. We believe it's helping his sleep apnea issue. Second day and he has not fallen asleep during the day or the minute he sits down. It's almost midnight and he's watching a movie and hasn't fallen asleep."

"Candice my son can finally tolerate the cream on his neck/thyroid area! No more herx. I am also seeing very small but noticeable gains (reduction in tics). I am almost afraid to post because I don't want to jinx but in the memory of your brother-in-law" 

"I've seen it transform my skin within a week. It's incredible. There are so many products out there and such a tiny dose goes so far and the benefits to both my outer and interior health has been spectacular. I have had multiple skin cancers and this cream has healed several precancerous areas on my nose, cheek and chest!!! Quality is priceless."

"I started the MAFactive cream with Chris last Monday. We saw results after the first day of applying the cream. C's nose was running and he was sneezing. (Sign that the immune system is being activated.) He has a few red spots on his face....another sign the immune activation is happening.
Yesterday, my husband, Erik, sat with Chris while Chris watched videos on youtube and Erik was likely on his smart phone. It was between 6:30 and 7 PM. Chris's bedtime is usually around 7 PM. While Erik wasn't looking, Chris said "I'm ready" very clearly. Erik looked up at Chris after this. Chris put his hand on Erik's shoulder and gave him full eye contact (joint communication!!!! shared attention!!! connection!!!) and said, very clearly, "It's time for bed."
He did at least one other amazing this over the weekend that I do not have time to write about right now. On the bus this morning, Chris looked directly at one of the other students and said "Hi!" more than once. Finally, the other boy said "Hi". When Chris first got onto the bus, he said "Hi Friends!" smile emoticon.
All this has happened in only 1 week's time (on the cream)."

"I started using the MAFactive cream and I wasn't even applying it to the warts that were on my feet and they are gone!"

"Hey Candice! I've been loving my MAF cream. I got it for my TMJ and it's pretty much gone! Also been using it on a wart on my foot and its flaking off. I've had it for years! "

And another testimony about the MAFactive cream!

The cream arrived on Wednesday. We've already had an interesting experience with it Wednesday evening, Randy burned his thumb as he was lifting a hot dutch oven for me and hot liquid went through the potholder. It blistered right away and I was going to put aloe vera on it. Instead, we decided to put his dose of MAFActive on it since we were going to put the first dose of the cream on his hand anyway. When he got home from work yesterday, I asked him how the blister was feeling. He said he'd forgotten all about it because it was basically gone and his thumb felt fine! I looked at his hand and you could barely see where the blister had been. Amazing!! smile emoticon

Candice Bradstreet's Testimony

I would like to share my experience as well.  I started using MAFactive Phase I cream in October of 2015.  My health has always been a challenge in spite of a healthy lifestyle.  The challenges I have always faced have been Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (diagnosed in 1995 by Jeff), EBV, and I have had Bells Palsy twice (once in 2000 and in 2014).  I am a "virus" carrier.... Bell's Palsy is mostly caused from the Herpes Virus family of Chicken Pox/Varicella Virus.

So for years I have tried every natural treatment I could find.  That includes supplementation, exercise, chiropractic care, massage therapy, Rife machine, foot detox... you get the point.  With that being said, I still believe in all of that and continue to utilize every one of those therapies.  However, my thyroid has always been a struggle and due to two bouts of Bells Palsy I had permanent muscle atrophy to the right side of my face.

I was sent a sample of the cream by the wonderful Lesley Hutchings.  The first week I followed her instructions and applied a pea size amount to both sides on my lymph nodes.  I definitely had a "healing crisis" within the first week.  The symptoms felt like the flu - tired, exhausted, muscle soreness, ect...  I knew something was happening and I was very excited.

My husband, Thom, looked at me after one week of using the cream and could not believe what happened to my smile and the right side of my face!  I regained muscle strength and my smile was coming back!  For over 15 years I have tried everything I possibly could to heal my face! This was nothing short of amazing!  It all made sense though.  The cream was "reactivating" my immune system to be able to combat the virus causing this!  To this day my face has stayed recovered and I am beyond pleased.

In addition to the healing of my face I also noticed my thyroid was much more balanced! I will be getting my thyroid antibody testing done soon and I know that the results will show that my body has been given the chance to finally defeat the virus that has been attacking my thyroid as well.

Another benefit with the cream is our sleep has been improved so much! 

After a month of using the Phase I cream I began using the Phase II cream with Frankincense.  Absolutely am in love with it.  Since my body is used to the cream I now use it on my face and also do what I call "spot treatment".  What that means is that I use it wherever it is needed.  For example, I had a terrible burn on two of my fingers and I applied the cream and the healing time was incredible along with the condition of my skin!  

Also, from September to October I had a cough that would not leave in spite of my regular treatments of supplementation that always got rid of something like that.  Out of pure frustration I took the cream with Frankincense and rubbed it on my chest and within 48 hours the cough was gone which was also accompanied with asthma... both gone and have never returned.

Everyone is unique and different, therefore, each experience will be unique and different.  I am not saying that this cream is a "cure all".  However, it is something that I will always use along with all of my other natural therapies and supplementation.  It has truly changed my life. 

I am so thankful to Lesley for her brilliance, her passion and her love for people and her admiration for my wonderful brother in law, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet.  She has truly honored him and his memory with this wonderful cream!

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