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The Allied Torture of Julius Streicher in His Own Words - April 1946

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Julkaistu 26.11.2012

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These remarks of Julius Streicher were stricken from the offical records at the kangaroo court of Nuremberg by the Jewish Judge Jackson.

Anyone who has studied the Nuremberg Trials outside of the confines of what we're spoon fed as the official history, will see the War Crime Trials were an utter travesty and should have triggered a mass awakening at the time of how the media and government were in collusion. But it was 1945 and we look at those times as a time of innocence and therefore the people were more trusting, hence the ignorance. Now it's 65 yrs later & we're still waiting for the masses to figure it out. It's not going to happen unless the government wants it to happen to cause riots and give him an excuse to turn America into a communist Orwellian hellhole. In any case, back to Julius Striecher, who was NOT a nazi and made a point of it often before and after the war. He was a doctor.

The way the trial was run was shockingly corrupt and crooked, with 80% of the Russian and "allied" prosecutors were Jewish Americans, and many of them had family and friends in Europe. The panel couldn't be more biased if you tried!

It was obvious from the start they had plans to blame Germany for many things that they themselves had done. Let's not forget it wasn't until 44 yrs later that it was found that Russia had run the real death camps in their gulag system which they denied repeatedly for decades.

Estimates range from 60 million to 135 million massacred over thought crimes or accusations of thought crimes.

Most of the early purges were over ridiculous charges such as "anti-semitism". 1000's received a bullet to the head for even being accused of "anti-semitism". (Sound familar? ADL? SPLC?) The Katyn Forest Massacre is but 1 of 100's of examples)

Julius Streicher was sentenced to death. But like most prisoners of war appearing at Nuremberg who were tortured brutally all day and night before, during, and after their court appearances to the point none had even any testicles left. was slowly stranguled. ( 15 minute strangulation !) Despite the military's obviously having the ability to carry out a death sentence in a timely and professional manner, they reveled in torture, even in the death. It was 1 of many truly psychotic episodes of allied & russian war cimes that were covered up by mainstream media. After discovering these facts, you'll never look at those old WW2 "war heroe's" the same again.

Streicher and another 10 German politicians and Generals were sentenced to death by the Nuremberg Tribunal made by the victorious powers and heavily lobbied for panel positions by powerful jewish organizations, and hanged( strangled) Stiecher on Sep 16, 1946 by JEWISH Sgt.John C. Woods, the U.S. Army's official executioner.

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