Oscars: Georgia Nominates 'Moira' for Foreign-Language Category

San Sebastian Film Festival

Levan Tutberidze's film about the poverty of a seaside family is scheduled for a world premiere at San Sebastian.

Georgia's nomination for best foreign-language Oscar is Levan Tutberidze's Moira, the story of a poverty-stricken family living in a seaside city struggling to rise above the temptations of crime to make an honest living.

After his release from prison, Mamuka (Paata Inauri) is determined not to fall back into a life of crime, taking out a loan to buy a small fishing boat he and his unemployed younger brother name after Moira, the goddess of fate.

But with a mother working abroad and a wheelchair-ridden father, the brothers find fate can be blind and merciless.

Due for its world premiere late this month at the 63rd edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival, the 95 minute film - Tutberidze's sixth feature - will also be screened in October at the Warsaw Film Festival.

Tutberidze, who began his movie career in 1989 as an actor, has a filmography covering 12 works, including documentaries, TV films and features that include I'll Die Without You (2010) and The Village (2105). He also participated in 2013 in anthology film, Tbilisi, I Love You.




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