Edith Hull Journal 

January 1, 1936 to December 31, 1936

By Edith Hull Distad


Jan 1st Wednesday - nice

We went to Joe Peoples for New Years dinner. There were quite a few there. It was a nice day.

Jan 2nd Thursday - cold wind dusty Ray watered his horse and Monte came along. Swan and Ed Lelek came for water. Mike and Don brought the battery home.

Jan 3rd Friday -

Gib fixed calf pen and worked around the barn. I patched coveralls and made the boys some gloves.

Jan 4th Saturday - nice

Gib hauled out manure, got a load of ice and watered the horses. I cleaned the house and pantry. It snowed a little last night, but nice today.

Jan 5th Sunday -

Had a blizzard all day and it was 15 degrees to 25 degrees below zero. I made Gib three pairs of inner mittens and wrote to Mother and Dad Distad.

Jan 6th Monday -

I took all the curtain down and dusted the windows. Gib hauled manure. It was nicer today, but cold. Gus came back from Denton.

Jan 7th Tuesday - nice, mild

Washed the curtains. Mildred brought their cows to water and Pucketts were here for awhile. Gus was here for supper.

Jan 8th Wednesday -

I washed. Ray came for water. Magazine agent came. I baked.

Jan 9th Thursday - colder

Gus came and helped put up new radio poles. I made cookies, ironed some and put up some of the curtains.

Jan 10th Friday -mild

Gib went to Roy. I washed the kitchen windows and part of the woodwork.

Jan 11th Saturday -little snow

Cleaned house and washed a little woodwork and ironed and put up some curtains. Gus and Vernon were here for supper. Vernon took his ewe home.

Jan 12th Sunday -

Uncle Will's all came over and were here for supper.

Jan 13th Monday - chinook

Gib and Ray took their horses up north to pasture. I ironed and baked. Gus was here for awhile.

Jan 14th Tuesday - cooler

Gib rode up to see the horses. I made a robe out of my old coat and made some mittens for the boys. Gus was here in P.M.

Jan 15th Wednesday - snow flurries

I patched Gus's and Gib's overalls and figured up the grocery bills for 1935.

Jan 16th Thursday - cold

Gib butchered a young wether. I washed and made cookies. Ray, Gus, Mr. Bauman and Mike were here. Frankie P. got the skids. It's cold and trying to snow. The boys were out side a little while.

Jan 17th Friday -

I ironed. Gib went to Mikes.

Jan 18th Saturday - cold and windy

I cleaned house, made cookies, and sewed some. Don Myers spent the P.M. with the boys and he and Gus were here for dinner.

Jan 19th Sunday - clear and warmer

Ray watered his cows and stopped for milk. Gib fixed a sheep pen and I baked bread and a cake. The boys played outdoors a little while.

Jan 20th Monday -nice

I fixed the boys kiddie car. Rays stopped on way home from town.

Jan 21st Tuesday - nice

I cut out Richards coat and got it partly sewed up. Gib hauled a load of coal for Gus.

Jan 22nd Wednesday - chinook, warm

I washed and dried the clothes outside. Had rheumatism tonight. The boys were outdoors all day. Gib hauled a load of coal for us today.

Jan 23rd Thursday -nice day

Gib took the boys over to Mildreds and Gus went home with him on over to Swans. Then Swan came for water. Ed Sharp was here for supper and Gib took him home and came to Rays for us.

Jan 24th Friday - snow flurries and cold

I cleaned house today and then finished Gib's leather vest. Gib went to pull a dead horse out of the barn for Ed Sharp. Gus was here. Ray and Mildred stopped on way from Pucketts at 10 o'clock.

Jan 25th Saturday - nice and mild

I baked bread, cookies and ironed. Gus was here for supper. The boys were outdoors awhile today. Gib worked on the fence around straw stack.

Jan 26th Sunday -

I churned and read a story. Gus and Barta's were here for supper. I was sick at night.

Jan 27th Monday - cold

Gib butchered little Billy. (A lamb) I finished Richard's coat and made a pot holder.

Jan 28th Tuesday -

I sewed on my red dress.

Jan 29th Wednesday -

Gib helped me wash. Gus was here for supper. I had a bad head ache.

Jan 30th Thursday - nice

Gib rode up to see the horses. I measured size of cupboard and sewed a little.

Jan 31st Friday- cold

I ironed nearly all day. Gus was over to take a letter to the mail box.


Feb 1st Saturday - cold and clear

I cleaned house and sewed some. Gib hauled hay. Gus helped a little and was here for supper.

Feb 2nd Sunday - cold

Ray was over to water his cows.

Feb 3rd Monday -

Fixed new collar and cuffs on my red plaid dress. Gus was here and Mike was here for awhile.

Feb 4th Tuesday -

Ray watered his cows and got milk. I canned eleven quarts of lamb, then sewed some. Vernon stopped on his way home from Baumans.

Feb 5th Wednesday - cold, 30 degrees below zero at night

Gib helped me wash, then I made a cap for Richard. Gus was here for lunch and supper.

Feb 6t h Thursday - cold, blizzard

It snowed last night and there's a regular blizzard today. I made two clothes pins bags and some pot holders. Gib brought the lamb in. One died, also a calf.

Feb 7th Friday - blizzard

It's 53 degrees below zero this morning and still blowing, but quit towards evening. Gib watered and fed the cattle. I made pads for the two rocking chairs. We had the lambs in at night.

Feb 8th Saturday -

It's nicer today, the sun is shining, but it's still pretty cold. Mike and Ray watered their cows again. The boys played outside awhile.

Feb 9th Sunday - lovely again

It's nicer today. The sun is warm and bright. The boys played outdoors. Swan came and was here for supper. We had a roast chicken.

Feb 10th Monday - cold

Ray got some milk. I made the boys a kiddie car and dampened clothes.

Feb 11th Tuesday - 26 degrees below zero, windy

I ironed all afternoon. Fixed kiddie car a little. Gib rode up after the mail.

Feb 12th Wednesday - 35 below at night. 30 below in morning. N. E. snow all day

I boiled a hen, made doughnuts, fixed axle on kiddie car and ironed. Gib hauled a load of hay. Gus was here for supper.

Feb 13th Thursday - 30 to 50 below zero, windy

I patched Gib's jacket and pants, my dress and sewed two pillow cases. I wrote to the folks.

Feb 14th Friday - clear and cold

Sewed up two pillow cases. Wrote to Albert and Gib wrote to Casteels. Ray was here.

Feb 15th Saturday - clear and bright. 59 below zero in morning

I cleaned and mopped the house. Gib took mail to the box. Don and Mrs. Myers walked home from school. It got up to 30 degrees below zero. The boys played outside a little while. Gus here for supper. Had Easters calf in the house.

Feb 16th Sunday - clear and cold

Ray watered his cows and came in a few minutes. I washed my hair.

Feb 17th Monday - cold and stormy

Gib helped me wash. Then I sewed some.

Feb 18th Tuesday - S. E. wind, nicer but cold

Gib took mail up to the south box. Hauled hay and straw. I rode up and got the mail and made paper furniture. Ray watered his cows.

Feb 19th Wednesday - milder, just zero in P.M.

I patched and hung up clothes to dry.

Feb 20th Thursday - 35 below in morning, mild in P.M.

I ironed and roasted a hen. Gus was here for supper. The mail came back and Gib rode up to get it. Ray was here.

Feb 21st Friday - 20 above, nice, then blizzard

I patched and cut out my dress and got it partly sewed up. Baked bread and made doughnuts. Gib rode up north to see the horses.

Feb 22nd Saturday - nice and mild

I cleaned up the house, then finished my green plaid dress. Gave the kids a bath. Gus was here for supper. Don got eggs. Gib cleaned calf pens and hauled straw. Ray watered his cows.

Feb 23rd Sunday - windy in morning, then nice

Harry Burnett, Bob Covert and Clyde Lind came along towards evening with the road grader to clear the snow off and stayed all night, had supper and breakfast.

Feb 24th Monday -

The wind drifted snow again last night. The men left for town this morning. Tonight Milo Messenger and Mark Faulds came with four horse and had supper and stayed overnight.

Feb 25th Tuesday - blizzard

It's too stormy today for the men to leave, so they stayed over night again. I patched some sox and overalls.

Feb 26th Wednesday - clear, nice, then colder and windy

It cleared up so the men left this morning. Then four more came and were here for dinner. Alec Winegard was with them. Gib hauled out manure. Gus here for supper.

Feb 27th Thursday - chinook

We washed and got all the clothes dried outside. Then Gib worked outdoors. I folded the clothes and got supper. Gus was here for supper.

Feb 28th Friday - fine day

Gib and Gus went to town today. I cleaned the pantry and sewed a little. Gus here for supper.

February 29th Saturday - 50 above, thaw

Gib went up to Rossiters to start the engine for Frank Messenger. Ray and Mildred were here for supper. I got coal and water

MARCH 1936

March 1st Sunday lovely, thawing

I mopped the floor and churned. Gib turned the sheep out and put the little calves in the barn. They had been in the chicken house. The two boys played outdoors all day


March 2nd Monday - cooler, but thawing.

Gib hauled out a load of manure, then went to Rossiters again to start engine. I ironed and sent for plant seeds. Gus was here for supper.

March 3rd Tuesday - colder and some snow

I cut out two aprons and sewed some and made a cake. The boys played outside awhile this morning until it stormed.

March 4th Wednesday - thaw

I sewed and patched sox.

March 5th Thursday - mild and thawing

Gib helped me wash, then worked outside. I folded and dampened clothes.

March 6th Friday - mild and thawing

Gib hauled out manure and snow and got three barrels of water. I ironed and carried coal and water and baked bread. Gus here for supper.

March 7th Saturday - lovely warm day

Ray helped Gib clean wheat. Was here for dinner. Gus was here for supper. Gib hauled out manure. I cleaned house and made a cake.

March 8th Sunday -lovely

Mike and Don came for water. I patched sacks.

March 9th Monday - terrible wind and snow flurry

Gus helped Gib clean oats and was here for dinner and supper. I baked bread, cookies and cleaned oil stove.

March 10th Tuesday - windy and cool

Gib cleaned chicken house and fixed fence. Gus was here a few minutes. I got water and washed wood work. Catalogs came.

March 11th Wednesday - cool

Gib and Gus hauled a load of hay and got some oats ground over at Rollys. We moved oil stove into pantry. I cleaned up and patched. Swan came, Gib went to meeting at school house. Fixed my dress.

March 12th Thursday - showers

I washed, but didn't get things all dried. Gib worked on drill. Bill Johnson came and stayed all night. It rained and was awfully muddy.

March 13th Friday - cool and windy

Bill Johnson left this morning. I baked bread, hung out clothes and helped Gib with drill box.

March 14th Saturday - cold and windy

I cleaned house. Gib worked out doors. Don came and got two dozen eggs.

March 15th Sunday - chilly and windy

No one came. I patched coveralls and underwear. Gib fixed up neck yokes and double trees and rode over to Ackerlys and hauled a little hay.

March 16th Monday -

I baked bread and washed windows. Gib went to town. Ray and Gus came. Gus here for supper. We went to Rays in the evening.

March 17th Tuesday - nice and warm A.M., then cool and cloudy

Gus worked on feed boxes. Gib rode up north to get the horses. I churned and patched. Gus here for dinner and supper. Rays went to Lewistown.

March 18th Wednesday - cool and partly windy

I washed. Mildred was here nearly all P.M. Gib used spring tooth. Gus worked on feed boxes in afternoon.

March 19th Thursday - cool and windy

Gib finished spring toothing and started to drill wheat. Gus worked on feed boxes. I mopped, set out plants, planted seeds, carried water and coal and dampened clothes.

March 20th Friday - nice but cool

Gib drilled wheat. I cleaned house and ironed. Mildred came in P.M. Ray and Gus cleaned wheat. Mike came.

March 21st Saturday -

Gib sowed wheat all day. I ironed. Gus was here a few minutes.

March 22nd Sunday - cold and windy

We went over to Myers this afternoon. I washed my hair, gave the boys a bath and patched Gene's coveralls.

March 23rd Monday - cold and windy

Gib and Gus hauled hay and straw. Gus made some eveners. Gus here for dinner. Cliff Marsh was here for supper.

March 24th Tuesday -

Gib sowed wheat in P.M. Gus worked in the barn. I baked bread and got the mail.

March 25th Wednesday -

Gib finished sowing S W field. I washed. Gus brought his shirts over. Ray came. Gib went to meeting. I milked.

March 26th Thursday - windy, not quite so cold

I cleaned and scrubbed the hall and mopped the kitchen floor. Rays brought groceries from town. Gib spring toothed ground for oats out north. Dampened clothes.

March 27th Friday - snow and blizzard, colder

I ironed nearly all day. Gus came a little while. Gib hunted Peggy's calf that was out in the storm all night.

March 28th Saturday - zero, snow and wind

I cleaned and mopped the whole house. Gib worked around the barn and got the mail.

March 29th Sunday - cold and some snow

It's cold and stormy and no one came.

March 30th Monday - cold and clearing

It was 20 degrees below zero last night. Gib hauled out manure and got straw. I got coal, water and two turkey eggs. Patched glove and nightie. Gus here for supper.

March 31st Tuesday -Got up to 25 degrees above zero, snow almost steady

Ray got Gib's team to get a load of coal. Gib hauled out manure and got straw and the mail. I ironed, made cookies, a pie and patched Richards nightie. Got coal, water and turkey eggs.

APRIL 1936

April 1st Wednesday - cold

I finished Richard's jacket and cut out a pattern for a blouse.

April 2nd Thursday - 10 degrees above

Gib drove Bess and Shorty awhile. I patched coveralls and nightie. Gus came for some wood.

April 3rd Friday - 44 degrees, thawing a trifle

Gib drove Shorty and hauled straw. I baked bread.

April 4th Saturday -

I cleaned house and gave the boys a bath. Gib hauled out manure and drove down for the mail and got some straw. Gus here for supper.

April 5th Sunday - nice and mild

Gib got Mike to help get Old Lady up (milk cow) up, she couldn't get up this morning. I cut Gib's and the boys hair and washed the boys and mine. Mildred came and we fixed hers. She was here for supper.

April 6th Monday - cold and snow all day

Ray came and helped get Lady up. Mike and Vernon came. Vernon was here for dinner. I baked bread and cut out leather mittens for boys.

April 7th Tuesday - cold in morning, mild and thawing in P.M.

Ray came over. Gib went to town. I got water and watered the chickens and calves. Gib went to Mikes in the evening. I sewed up the boys mittens.

April 8th Wednesday - thawing and flurries

Ray went up to Pucketts with Gib, got some oats and oil cake ground. Grace Peterson came and she and Frankie got some straw. I finished Mittens and patched coveralls. Gus here for supper.

April 9th Thursday - mild and thawing

I washed, folded and dampened clothes. Gib hauled water and five loads of manure. Gus helped Gib with the last two loads, chopped wood and was here for supper.

April 10th Friday - windy and warm

Gus and Gib hauled Gus's machinery over here. I ironed. Swan was here for supper.

April 11th Saturday - strong warm wind

I cleaned house and made a cake. Gus helped Gib clean the barn and was here for dinner.

April 12th Sunday - lovely day, 70 degrees above

No one came. Gib treated oats and worked on spring tooth harrow. I sprouted seed potatoes.

April 13th Monday - strong winds in A.M.

We planted potatoes, then Gib used spring tooth in P.M. I mopped half of the floor. Mildred came. We got water and wood. I got the cows and brought new calf part way home.

April 14th Tuesday - windy, mild

Gib used spring tooth. I took cow out and painted hall floor. Gus came for soap. I got wood, got the mail and the cows.

April 15th Wednesday - nice, partly cloudy

Gib finished harrowing and drilled in P.M. I baked bread, varnished hall floor and got the cows. Gus worked on harrow and was here for supper.

April 16th Thursday - nice and mild

I did a big washing, changed horses for Gib and mopped kitchen floor. Gib drilled wheat. Gus worked on harrow a little while.

April 17th Friday - too warm about 76 degrees

Evelyn Peterson came. Swan came. Gib drilled wheat. Mildred came and helped iron. I washed windows, ironed, got the cows, and took the mail to the box.

April 18th Saturday - 80 degrees above

I cleaned house a little and ironed. Gib finished drilling on the flat and put the horses on Ackerlys. Gus here for supper.

April 19th Sunday - 80 degrees

Gib and Mike brought the colts home. Rossiters came. Gus was here for supper. The folks came and stayed all night.

April 20th Monday - chilly and cloudy

I baked bread. The folks left about 11. Gib finished drilling on Ackerlys. I took manure off garden and burned thistles and got the cows. Rays stopped on way home from town.

April 21st Tuesday - warming up

I made saddle blanket and patched Gus's shirt. Gib drilled oats. Gus and Mike helped get Old Lady up. Gus here for supper.

April 22nd Wednesday - nice and warm

Gib worked the garden. Gus helped plant spuds and I planted sixteen rows of garden. Then Gib, Gus and the boys went to Kauths old place to look for machine belts.

April 23rd Thursday - shower at night, snow all day

I cut out three suits of underwear and sewed up some. Ray helped with Lady.

April 24th Friday - nice, light rain

I baked bread and sewed. Gib worked in the barn and did some soldering for me. Mike and Ray came to help lift Lady. Gus here for supper.

April 25th Saturday - cloudy

I cleaned house and patched two shirts for Gus. Gus, Ray, and Don were here all P.M. Gus here for dinner and supper. Gib worked on duck foot.

April 26th Sunday - nice

Ray, Gus and Bill Galloway came. Mike came in evening. Gib put Slim on Ackerlys. I mopped kitchen floor, washed my hair and made cookies. Myrtle Dougherty died.

April 27th Monday - light shower

Gib worked the north garden. Gus dug post holes. I planted peas and flowers. Gib went to grazing meeting.

April 28th Tuesday - nice but cool

Gib used spring tooth on winter wheat ground on Ackerlys. I washed, baked bread, a cake, took the horses out and got the cows. Gus and Carl came to help get Lady up

April 29th Wednesday - clear and hot

Gib finished Ackerlys. I churned and ironed some. Set out tomato plants.

April 30th Thursday - nice

Gib and Gus got a load of coal and went to town. Old Lady died and I fed her calf at night and fed the other two at noon. Charlie came. I set out tomatoes and planted a few seeds in cans. Gus here for supper.

MAY 1936

May 1st Friday - nice

Gib drilled wheat all day on Ackerlys. Mildred came. I fed calves and got cows and sewed some. Gus here for supper.

May 2nd Saturday - warm, partly cloudy

I cleaned house and fed the calves. Gib finished drilling on Ackerlys. Vernon came. Gus here for supper.

May 3rd Sunday - warm, sultry, 77 degrees

Swan and Gus came. Gib helped Swan dehorn. I cut and washed the boys hair and mine, baked bread and cookies.

May 4th Monday - partly cloudy, sultry 90 degrees

Gib plowed and harrowed garden. Gus worked on fence. I patched and ironed some. We went to Uncle Will's and Peterson's in evening.

May 5th Tuesday - rain all P.M.

Gib started to harrow early wheat, but it rained and he had to quit. Gus worked on fence a little while, was here for dinner and supper.

May 6th Wednesday - rain and cold

Gib rode out to see cows and horses and Gus came back with him and was here for supper. I made my underskirt.

May 7th Thursday - clearing and drying

Gib and Gus finished garden fence in P.M. I ironed and sewed some. Gus here for supper. Baked bread and made cookies.

May 8th Friday - warm and clear

Gib, Swan and Mike worked on calves and colts. Swan here for supper. I set out a few tomato plants, washed some, mopped floors and patched overalls.

May 9th Saturday - warm and clear

Gib helped Mike with his calf. I planted flowers, raked garden, planted window box, helped milk, fed calves and cleaned washing machine. Ray and Gus brought cow home.

May 10th Sunday - nice

Gib took some of the cattle out on range. Gus here for supper. Neills stopped a few minutes and Pucketts came in evening. I finished cleaning washing machine.

May 11th Monday - warm and sultry

Swan duck footed corn ground. Gib harrowed wheat. I planted north garden in P.M. and got the cows. Ray brought car battery home.

May 12th Tuesday - cloudy and cool

Gib harrowed corn ground. I did a big washing in machine. Gus came in evening. Baked bread.

May 13th Wednesday - clear and warming

Gib harrowed corn ground and washed car. I drove cows out of wheat and got things ready to go to Lewistown.

May 14th Thursday - hot and sultry

We went to Lewistown. Mama was sick in bed. We got home about 6:30. Gib went to Mikes in the evening.

May 15th Friday - windy and warm

I helped Gib cut and plant spuds and haul water. I swept and dusted the house.

May 16th Saturday - strong wind and cooler

Gib harrowed wheat again. I mopped, dusted, baked bread, ironed and patched coveralls and socks. Gib went to Neill's after Margaret Stephens.

May 17th Sunday - still windy

Gib rested and slept today. Gus came. Margaret cut and waved my hair. We made doughnuts.

May 18th Monday - nice

Gib planted corn and drove the colts out. I set out tomatoes and cabbage plants and hoed the peas. Swan brought our corn out from Lewistown.

May 19th Tuesday - nice and partly cloudy

Gib finished corn and I helped him brand five calves and he took the heifers out on range. I planted some garden and watered tomatoes and cabbage plants.

May 20th Wednesday - cool and windy

Gib disced in P.M. I washed, baked bread and cookies, mopped floor and hoed some.

May 21st Thursday - cool and cloudy

Gib disced in the morning. I cut the boys hair, washed mine, ironed and pressed clothes. We went to the graduation exercises in Roy.

May 22nd Friday - nice, cool

I planted beans and corn and watered tomatoes. Gib disced.

May 23rd Saturday - warm and hazy

I hoed all morning, rode after the cows twice, mopped the kitchen and hall. Gib disced. Swan brought a mare over.

May 24th Sunday - hot and clear

Gib went to Swans. I put hen out with two turkeys and tested eggs. I ironed a little. Gus was here for supper. I'm sick with a cold. Gib went to Mikes in evening.

May 25th Monday - too warm

Gib disced. I was sick, but drove cows out of wheat three times and took the horses out.

May 26th Tuesday - 98 above, warm and sultry

Gib disced. Mildred came. I baked bread, drove cows out and got the mail and watered the tomatoes. Gib worked on tank pump at the dam. Allen sick with cold.

May 27th Wednesday - 98 degrees, warm S. E. wind

Gib disced, cleaned chicken house, hauled water and worked on pump. I planted pumpkins and citron and hoed the rest of the south garden. Gene was sick.

May 28th Thursday - 95 degrees, S. E. wind

Gib finished discing. I ironed some and drove cows out of wheat several times.

May 29th Friday - 95 degrees, hot S E wind

Gib planted corn. I drove cows out of wheat two or three times and finished planting garden in evening.

May 30th Saturday - 95 degrees, S E wind

Gib finished planting corn and took planter home. The boys stayed at Rays. I went to Jerrys. I drove cows to range and drove milk cows out. Made jelly and baked rolls, washed windows on outside and cleaned house.

May 31st Sunday - 95 degrees

Gib went to Gautiers and Sharps. Pucketts stopped on way home from Mildreds. Gus was here for breakfast.

JUNE 1936

June 1st Monday - cool and cloudy

Gib sowed sweet clover and butchered old ewe. I drove cows out of wheat several times. Vernon brought mare over.

June 2nd Tuesday - cool and cloudy

I canned fourteen quarts of mutton and helped Gib get water. Gib finished sowing clover on south field. The boys got the mail.

June 3rd Wednesday - cool, clearing

Gib disced on Ackerlys. I finished canning meat, five quarts and did big washing and patched two pair of coveralls. Ray and Carl brought mare over.

June 4th Thursday - mild and clearing

Gib sowed sweet clover on Ackerlys. I picked bugs off south potato patch and watered the cows.

June 5th Friday - warm, partly cloudy

Gib helped take the cows up north to better pasture. I ironed, put twelve turkeys out in their house and got the cows. Mildred and Alice came. Gus here for supper.

June 6th Saturday - cool and cloudy

Gib disced a little while. Jerry Kosir came. Gib and Gus went to town. I fixed turkey houses and tested eggs, got the cows and milked.

June 7th Sunday - sprinkle, chilly and cloudy

Gib went to helps Sharps with calves. I cleaned the house, made a cake and got the cows. Brother and Los La Fond came and were her for supper.

June 8th Monday - warmer, partly cloudy

Gib disced. I baked bread, set out cabbage plants, hoed and watered the north garden. Vernon brought white mare over.

June 9th Tuesday - warm and showers

Gib disced till the shower came. I ironed and watered some of south garden. Ray came this morning for grass seeder.

June 10th Wednesday - warm

Gib disced. Rays, Mike and Don and three other guys came. I washed , hoed north garden, spud patch and pulled fan weed, and brought the cows home. Gib went to meeting.

June 11th Thursday - too warm, 90 degrees above

Gib and Don rode on range all day. I churned, made cookies, drove cows out of wheat, ironed and got cows at night.

June 12th Friday - warm and windy

Gib finished discing and sowing sweet clover. We hauled water. I baked bread, washed windows, drove cows out and patched some.

June 13th Saturday - warm

Gib finished sowing clover and cleaned out hay mow. I hoed out all the weeds in trees and rhubarb, bathed the boys, and washed their hair.

June 14th Sunday - hot S. E. wind

Gib rode over on Ackerlys. I mopped kitchen and hall, cut Gus's hair and watered horses.

June 15th Monday -

Gib disced rye ground. I cut out suits for the boys. Carl G. stopped for a few minutes.

June 16th Tuesday - cool

Gib rode on range all day. I sewed on the boys suits and did the chores. Joe Gerig came and helped with the chores. Brought black mare over.

June 17th Wednesday - warm and sultry

I washed and baked bread and cookies. Gib finished discing and sowed clover.

June 18th Thursday - shower in morning

Gib went to town. I sewed and got cows. Mildred came.

June 19th Friday -

I sewed on the boys suits and patched some. Made candy for brothers birthday and fixed orders.

June 20th Saturday -

I cleaned the whole house and ironed Gus's shirt.

June 21st Sunday - hot and mostly clear

Uncle Will's came over and we made ice cream. Ray and Mildred were here awhile.

June 22nd Monday -

I sewed. Gib cut hay, then took horses out.

June 23rd Tuesday - 104 degrees

Gib finished putting up hay and went to Mikes. Gerig brought a white mare over. Georgie Martin came and was here all night. Carl G stopped on way to Mikes.

June 24th Wednesday - 97 degrees

Gib disced. Georgie Martin left. I sewed buttons on the boys suits.

June 25th Thursday - 100 degrees, then cooler and showers

Gib got horses in and disced. I washed and mopped floor and got the cows. Mike got water. Mrs. Burg came for water.

June 26th Friday - warm in morning, then cloudy and cooler

Gib disced in P.M. I patched coveralls and overalls. We went to Rays a few minutes to get some sugar.

June 27th Saturday - terribly hot, S E wind, 110 degrees

Gib and Harold B. went to help the other men fix some water hole for the range stock. I watered horses and Ray helped do chores. Gus came and had supper.

June 28th Sunday - cooler

Gib and Harold B. went up north again. Georgie Martin got his horses. Mr. And Mrs. Herrod came. Rossiters came.

June 29th Monday - cool and windy

Rays went to town. Gus here for dinner. Gib mowed hay and set oil stove out. I cleaned pantry and patched B.V.D.'s and got cows in.

June 30th Tuesday -

Gib raked and mowed hay. I sewed and chased cows and got the mail.

JULY 1936

July 1st Wednesday - warm

I washed. Mildred came and cut my hair and measured a dress hem. Gib went up north with the car, where the men were working. I did the chores.

July 2nd Thursday - hot and sultry 98 degrees

Gib raked and hauled hay in, went to Mikes in evening. I finished Gene's suit and fixed my dress and washed it and gave the boys a bath.

July 3rd Friday - I baked a cake, ironed and packed and emptied cream into can. Gib rode on range and brought a few more cows home and went to Rays.

July 4th Saturday - cool here, hot in town

Gus came over and we all left for Lewistown at 8 o'clock. Went to see parade and out to rodeo. Pucketts had dinner with the folks and us. Ray Marsh's, Neills and Mr. Barrow came out. Galloways stopped.

July 5th Sunday - hot and windy

Brother took us riding, then we had lunch. Mr. Barrows came out again. We left for home about 4. Saw Mrs. Bauman in hospital.

July 6th Monday - partly cloudy, hot and sultry

Gib rode on range and brought the rest of our cattle home. Went to Roy in evening with Carl and some men. Mildred and Alice went too. The boys were sick all day.

July 7th Tuesday -

Gib and Mike went up north with the team to pull a cow out of the mud. I got the mail and brought the cows in.

July 8th Wednesday - shower at night

Gib and the boys drove over to Rays and Baumans. Uncle Will and the girls were here awhile in P.M.

July 9th Thursday - hot 104 degrees

Gib and Harold B. got the colts in. Mike stopped a few minutes. I cleaned the whole house.

July 10th Friday - partly cloudy, hot and sultry

Swan brought a mare over this morning. Gib watered all our horses. I did some washing and dampened clothes to iron.

July 11th Saturday - cool, showers

Rays stopped on way to Pucketts. Ray went fishing. I ironed a little. Gus and Mike were here awhile in afternoon. Gib soldered my iron and milk can.

July 12th Sunday - mostly cloudy and warmer

Gib did Rays chores and took a letter to Harold B. Jerry was here this morning. Joe Kosirs here for supper. Gus brought battery over.

July 13th Monday -

I ironed all day. Gib lay around and rested. Gus here for supper.

July 14th Tuesday-

I did a big washing, mopped floors, folded clothes, and dampened clothes. Gib cleaned the garage. Gus sick, here for supper.

July 15th Wednesday - hot 102 degrees, dust storm

I ironed some. Put turkey hen out with fourteen babies, rode over to Mildreds. Gib laid around all day.

July 16th Thursday - hot

We went to Roy, saw Viola Marsh. Gus here for supper. Rays came in evening.

July 17th Friday - 104 degrees sultry

I washed window on inside. Gus and Gib sheared the two sheep. Gus here for supper. Alton came and stayed all night.

July 18th Saturday - 107 degrees, sultry

I cleaned house. Gib went to Mikes. Ed Peterson came.

July 19th Sunday - cool in the A.M., then hot

Gus came for water, then went to Uncle Will's with us.

July 20th Monday - hot 99 degrees S E wind

Bought five hundred pounds of flour and two sacks of wheat. I did a big washing, mopped kitchen and hall, folded and dampened clothes, watered the horses and walked after the cows. Mike came. Swan came. Gib went to town.

July 21st Tuesday -

Gib went to vote and to be a judge. Got home at 2:30 Wednesday morning. Mildred came and spent the P.M. I ironed and did chores. Pucketts here a few minutes.

July 22nd Wednesday - hot

Mike came for water. Gib round up our cows and took them to Mikes to ship. Swan and Gib traded bulls. I ironed and got Gibs clothes packed.

July 23rd Thursday - hot

Gib went on the train with our cattle to ship to sell in Minneapolis. Nellie, Ida, and Helen came. Gus came. Don came and took Gib to town to go on the train to Minnesota. Helen stayed tonight. I ironed, watered cows and horses.

July 24th Friday - hot 106 degrees, then showers

I did chores, watered cows and horses, chased the bull home several times, ironed and hung kitchen curtains. Helen helped milk and washed dishes.

July 25th Saturday - cooler

I took mail to the box, rode over to Mikes, did chores and cleaned house. Uncle Will came for Helen. Don Myers hunted for Bess and found her dead. (horse)

July 26th Sunday - nice and cool, N. W. wind

Did chores and patched some. Gus got water. I wrote to Gib. It's awfully smoky today. Donald Hull came at 3:30 in the morning.

July 27th Monday - a little warmer

I did chores and washed clothes. Carl, Mike and a fire insurance man came. Donald helped do chores.

July 28th Tuesday - warmer, east wind

Chased Baumans horses out, did chores, helped Donald water the stock and made root beer. Gus came for water, churned.

July 29th Wednesday -

Did chores and watered stock. Rays brought a barrel of water. Gus got water. Donald fixed catch on cabinet door. I baked bread. Bill Johnson came.

July 30th Thursday - hot, S. E. wind

I chased Baumans horses almost home , fixed the spurs, washed some wood work. Donald puttied two s. windows and put rollers on kitchen table. Gus here for supper.

July 31st Friday - n. w. breeze, hot and sultry

Donald rode over to Uncle Wills. I didn't do much, but chores. Baked bread and cookies. Gus and Swan came in evening.


Aug 1st Saturday - cooler 93 degrees smoky at night

I cleaned house, varnished rugs, washed some wood work and ironed some. Donald worked on dog house. Mildred ironed some and did dishes, here for supper.

Aug 2nd Sunday - nice and cool, north wind

We hoed out weeds in the garden and banked north side of house. Rossiters came a few minutes in the evening. Gus was here in P.M.

Aug 3rd Monday - cold, showers

Donald worked on dog house. Walked out after cows. I did chores and watered horses.

Aug 4th Tuesday - warmer, cool N. W. wind

I washed windows, mopped kitchen floor and varnished half of the floor. Donald fixed screens and finished floor. Ray brought water. Mildred stayed and churned and worked butter.

Aug 5th Wednesday - 90 degrees warmer south wind

I washed and mopped the whole house, folded and dampened clothes. Donald finished dog house and put catch on screen door. Gus came. Russell Messinger came.

Aug 6th Thursday - hot again

Ray and Mildred went to town. I got a letter from Gib. Ironed some.

Aug 7th Friday -

Cleaned house, baked bread and ironed some. Hung curtains in bedroom and put on pillow tops. Mildred came and churned. Gib came home about 4:30 in Dad Distad's car.

Aug 8th Saturday -

Gib did the chores. I washed my dress and Donalds pants, ironed and baked a cake for tomorrow. Cleaned and polished shoes.

Aug 9th Sunday - hot and sultry

We went to church, had dinner then drove up home a little while. Went to Myers in the evening.

Aug 10th Monday - Hot and smoky

I washed, folded clothes and mopped a floor. Swan and Russell Messinger were here for dinner. Gib and Swan worked on Shorty. Jerry Kosir came in the evening. Ray's were here in P.M.

Aug 11th Tuesday - cool, sprinkle, 74 degrees

I ironed a little, sewed some, baked cookies and biscuits. Gib drove cows over on Ackerlys and put glass in oven door. Barta's, Don and kids and Gus came.

Aug 12th Wednesday - cool

Ray and Mildred took Donald to Lewistown. We got ready to go to Lewistown tomorrow. Gus here for supper.

Aug 13th Thursday - shower last night, warm

Gus went to Lewistown with us. We stopped at Viola's and bought ten dozen jars. Uncle Otis and Aunt Birdie are at the folks. Saw Margaret and girls. Nellie came back to stay with us.

Aug 14th Friday - warm

We didn't do much today. Tried to rest awhile. Gib and Gus drove over to Pucketts and got four barrels of water. Gus here for supper.

Aug 15th Saturday - warm

I mopped all the floors and waxed living room rugs and bedroom floors. Baked bread and a cake. Gib brought the cows in and hunted for the sheep.

Aug 16th Sunday -

Gib and boys drove over to Mikes, then we went to Rays, looking for the sheep. They were down at Sharps. Gib got them home with Pat. Had a nice shower.

Aug 17th Monday - warm, then cool and showers

I washed. Gus and Ray helped Gib butcher the five sheep this afternoon. Mildred helped get supper and do dishes.

Aug 18th Tuesday - cool and cloudy, shower at night

Ray and Mildred came and helped cut up and can the sheep. Gus here for dinner and supper. Rossiters were here for supper too.

Aug 19th Wednesday - cool

I canned four more quarts of mutton. Made forty nine pints in all. Churned and baked. Baumans were her awhile in P.M. Gus came for water.

Aug 20th Thursday - warmer

I rendered out the tallow and ironed, washed out two dresses and ironed them. Ed Sharp was here for dinner and supper. Gus here all P.M. Mildred came. Gib took Ed home.

Aug 21st Friday -

I washed and ironed a few things. Uncle Will and Margaret came for the bed. Gus here for supper.

Aug 22nd Saturday - warm shower

We went to get Ed Sharp, but he was gone and we went to Ray Marsh's sale in Roy. Ed came home with us.

Aug 23rd Sunday - nice cool

Gib helped grease Rays car, then worked on ours. I packed jars away in the cellar. Gus came. We went to Rossiters in evening.

Aug 24th Monday - cool

I washed, folded and dampened clothes. Gib fixed my clothes line pole, cleaned the shack, and went to Rays. Gus here in morning.

Aug 25th Tuesday - cool all day, cold in morning

I ironed, canned beets and cucumber pickles, baked bread and gave the boys a bath. Washed car windows. Gib put screen door on, went to Rays, and changed oil in car. Gus here for supper.

Aug 26th Wednesday - cool

It rained some last night and looked stormy today, so we didn't go to Lewistown. I canned pears and pickled beets.

Aug 27th Thursday - warm

Gus went to the fair with us. Saw fire works at night. Gus went home with Rays.

Aug 28th Friday - cool

We went down town, got some groceries, then I went to the garden with Mama. The boys and I rode down town with Brother. We left there at 4 o'clock and got home at 5:30. Gus here for supper.

Aug 29th Saturday -

I washed and ironed some.

Aug 30th Sunday - nice

There was church today, but we didn't go, as I didn't feel good and Gib was tired. I patched army cot and baked bread. Gus came.

Aug 31st Monday -

I canned a box of plums. Gib and Gus went to town. I shut the horses in when they came up.


Sept 1st Tuesday -

I canned one box of peaches and made some pickles. Gib went to town in morning. Rays and Gus came and waited for him awhile, then went home and came back in P.M.

Sept 2nd Wednesday - hot

Gib went to Jerry's after the fresno, then he and Gus worked on dam. I washed and folded clothes. Ray and Mildred came.

Sept 3rd Thursday - hot

Gib got Shorty in this morning and he and Gus worked on the dam. I milked the cows and drove them out. I baked bread and canned one box of peaches. Rays came.

Sept 4th Friday - cool, rained after noon

Gib and Gus worked on the dam till it rained. I ironed some.

Sept 5th Saturday - quite warm at times

Gib and Gus worked on the dam till about 4 o'clock. Then Gus went home. I cleaned house and ironed.

Sept 6th Sunday - nice and cool

Gib hauled Gus's stuff over here today. Gus here for dinner. Swan came.

Sept 7th Monday -

I made some pickles, watered and milked the cows. Gib and Gus helped calcimine the school house.

Sept 8th Tuesday - cool

We went to Lewistown. I went to doctor. Margaret's folks here. Got home about 8:00.

Sept 9th Wednesday - nice

Gib and Gus hauled water from Pucketts. Then worked on dam all P.M. I made some more pickles and milked. Gene went to school, his first day.

Sept 10th Thursday - nice

I washed and folded clothes. Mildred drove cows out. Mildred came. Gib and Gus worked on the dam. I made cookies.

Sept 11th Friday - cool

Gib and Gus worked on the dam. I mopped hall, watered and milked and drove the cows over to Ackerlys. Talked to Mrs. Myers after school.

Sept 12th Saturday - cool, windy, dust

Gib and Gus worked on the dam. I baked bread, cleaned house and ironed some. Ida Kosir and Josephine came. Mildred here in P.M. awhile.

Sept 13th Sunday - cold all day

I cooked a pumpkin, cut Gene's hair and made him a shirt. Gib got supper. The boys played inside most of the day.

Sept 14th Monday - cold

Gib and Gus worked on the dam. I cut out another shirt and made Allen a suit of underwear.

Sept 15th Tuesday - cold west wind

Gib and Gus went to Lewistown. Mildred came. I baked bread and cookies.

* This must be work on W.P.A. all fall. Ray did too.

Sept 16th Wednesday - cool

I washed packed Gib's bed clothes and grub. He and Gus left to go to work on a dam over north about 3:30. Jerry was here and Ed Lelek stopped.

Sept 17th Thursday - warmer

I cleaned house, made cookies and did chores. Ray hauled water. Mrs Myers stopped after school. She and Gene had to walk.

Sept 18th Friday - warmer

Mrs. Sullivan took Mrs. Myers and Gene to school this morning. I sewed on a shirt for Gene. Mildred stayed all night.

Sept 19th Saturday - warm

I did chores, made plum conserve, helped Don bring wheat from mail box, finished shirt and made a suit of underwear for Allen.

Sept 20th Sunday - too warm

Did chores and made peach and plum butter, 3 quarts and ironed some. Mildred cut my hair and stayed here all night. I washed windows and watered horses. Don came.

Sept 21st Monday - warm

I did chores, watered the two year old mares. Mildred was over and watered her stock.

Sept 22nd Tuesday - warm, dust storm

I cut out four more shirts and got the cows from over on Ackerlys. Mildred came and got Ed Lelek to start her Ford and she hauled a barrel of water.

Sept 23rd Wednesday - warm

Mildred watered her horses and cow. I tried to iron, then the boys and I drove over to Mildreds for a tip cleaner, in the car. Mildred came back and stayed all night. Churned.

Sept 24th Thursday - nice, partly cloudy

I baked bread, cookies and washed some and mopped the kitchen. Mildred came in the Ford and we went to Lelek's dam for water.

Sept 25th Friday - cold and rainy

I swept, dusted, did chores and got supper. Mildred here in morning. Gib got home about 5 o'clock.

Sept 26th Saturday - nice, cool

I unpacked the things Gib had and picked about a tubful of green tomatoes. Gib cleaned the barn, hauled straw over dead horses and Gus got water.

Sept 27th Sunday - warmer

We went to see Herb and Thelma. They were at Clark's.

Sept 28th Monday - nice

I did a big washing. Mildred came. I baked bread and folded clothes. Gib and Gus helped Ray tear old Ford down, then they brought it over here.

Sept 29th Tuesday - cool

I ironed. Ray's came and the men worked on the trailer. I sewed at night.

Sept 30th Wednesday -

Ray came over and finished the trailer. I ironed some. Gib and Gus tore the shack down.


Oct 1st Thursday - cold and looking stormy

Gib and Gus started coal house. Rays went to town. I ironed some, patched Gibs underwear and a sheet.

Oct 2nd Friday - cool

Gib worked on trailer hitch. Gus fixing coal house. I ironed some, sewed buttons on Gene's shirt. Baked bread.

Oct 3rd Saturday - warm and dusty

I mopped and cleaned house. Rays came for water. Gib went to town with trailer and got hay and feed. Gus worked on coal house. Baked a cake.

Oct 4th Sunday - cool and windy

Rays stopped on way to Pucketts. We sent hens home. We went to Baumans. Gus walked over to Swans. I ground up garden lemons and worked button holer.

Oct 5th Monday - Warmer

Gib went to town for coal. Gus worked on coal shed. I baked bread, canned garden lemons, worked butter, made cookies and finished two shirts.

Oct 6th Tuesday - warmer

I washed, folded and dampened clothes. Gib plowed out the spuds. Gus finished coal shed. We drove around to put up elections notices and stopped at Rays.

Oct 7th Wednesday - warm

Gus and Ray helped Gib butcher our white cow in afternoon. Mildred helped me iron. All here for supper.

Oct 8th Thursday - warm

We went to Lewistown. Richard went to school and the boys stayed at Myers until we came home. Rays here when we got home.

Oct 9th Friday - warm

I canned forty quarts of beef. Gib and Gus cleaned out the dam. I baked bread and cookies.

Oct 10th Saturday - cooler

Gus worked on shop. We all went to a sale at Frank Per's. Mr. Lelek and Vernon went with us. Rays brought Vernon back in evening.

Oct 11th Sunday - nice

Mildred came over and we finished canning meat, eighteen quarts. Ray, Gus, Lelek, Gib and the boys drove over to see Mr. Fuchs about pasture.

Oct 12th Monday - warm

I baked bread and a cake. Gus worked on the workshop. The men hauled water. Mildred came and we made mince meat.

Oct 13th Tuesday - nice

I washed, folded and dampened clothes and churned. Gib plowed the dam. Gus worked on the shop.

Oct 14th Wednesday - warm and dusty

Gib and Gus cleaned out the dam and then went to town. I cooked grapes, resalted meat, darned sox, ironed some, and churned a little butter.

Oct 15th Thursday - chilly and windy

Gib and Gus cleaned out the dam, then Gus finished the shop. Gib and the boys took a battery over to Mikes. I canned grape and apple jam, baked bread, ironed some and made a suit of underwear.

Oct 16th Friday - windy and dusty

I finished the ironing and cut out a pair of pajamas for Gene.

Oct 17th Saturday - windy and dusty

Gus tore down the two small chicken houses. Gib plowed around the barn. I cleaned house and waxed bedroom floors and washed windows.

Oct 18th Sunday - warm, windy and dusty

Gib and the boys were to Mikes. I rested awhile, cut the boys hair, baked a cake and wrote to Ida Marsh. Gus went to Rays.

Oct 19th Monday - cold and some snow

I cut out pattern and made Gene's pajamas. Mildred came over. The men went to town.

Oct 20th Tuesday - cold and stormy

I finished button holes in pajamas and made Gib a night shirt and myself a night gown. Gib and Gus fixed shelves in cellar. Ray came to water stock.

Oct 21st Wednesday - cold and clearing, snow in evening

I made doughnuts, made feet for the boys pajamas, sewed feet in Allens and worked button holes in shirt. Gib and Gus finished cellar.

Oct 22nd Thursday - cold, flurries

Gus dug coal. Gib drove the horses up north. I washed, mopped the floors and sewed the feet in the boys pajamas. Put jar away in cellar.

Oct 23rd Friday -

Today is Allen's birthday.

Oct 24th Saturday - cold, cloudy and rained at night

Cleaned up the house a little and got all ready to go to Democratic rally in Roy, but it rained so we couldn't go. Fixed more jars on shelves in cellar.

Oct 25th Sunday - cool and clearing

Gib and Gus went to Swans in P.M. Frank Messinger and Les Bevis stopped. Check up man came. Harold B and Monte came. Myers and Mr. McKue came in evening.

Oct 26th Monday - cool and clearing

Gib and Gus went to town, got coal and feed. I baked bread and a cake and packed grub for the men. Washed Gus's shirt, some sox and ironed some.

Oct 27th Tuesday - cold wind

The men left in the car, to go to work on the dam. I did a big washing and did the chores.

Oct 28th Wednesday - nice and mild

I watered Brownie and colts and fed the work horses and milked Peggy. Baked a cake and ironed. Mildred came to water the stock.

Oct 29th Thursday - mild by cool wind

Watered Brownie, colts and work horses. Milked and fed Peggy. Baked bread and finished ironing. Mildred came and stayed all night.

Oct 30th Friday - warmer and windy

We did up the work and chores, went over to Mildred's and did the chores and then drove over to see Mrs. Puckett and get a barrel of water. Don brought us home from Rays.

Oct 31st Saturday - snowed all day

I did the chores, tied the horses in and fed them. Mrs. Rossiter came and I went over to get Don to start her car. But Gib and Gus came home and took her home. Started the car.


Nov 1st Sunday - cold and snow

It's still snowing by spells and getting colder. The men put the heater up. I made cookies and canned some ripe tomatoes.

Nov 2nd Monday - cold and clearing

Gib and Gus drove down to school house to get it ready for voting tomorrow. I baked bread and patched Gib's overall jacket.

Nov 3rd Tuesday - thaw, nice and clearing

Gib went to the school house, but came back till noon. Bill Galloway came with him and was here for dinner. Didn't get home till 4:30.

Nov 4th Wednesday - partly cloudy and then thawing

I washed, fed, and milked the cows. Gib and Gus took the ballots to Lewistown.

Nov 5th Thursday - snow

Gus worked on his shack. Gib did chores and slept awhile. I baked cookies, washed the bed springs, cut out pants for Gene and ironed some. Mildred came.

Nov 6th Friday - cold and clear

I finished Gene's pants and got Richard's sewed up. Gus got a stove from Rays and worked in his shack.

Nov 7th Saturday - cold, 24 below in the morning.

Gib and Gus hauled four loads of straw and put it in the barn. I baked bread and cleaned house. Ray took his horses up north.

Nov 8th Sunday - clearing and nice

Gib and Mike took the horses a way up north. I cut the boys hair and wrote to Mama and cut out two shirts for the boys. Mildred came and we brought the spring in and put it in the bed.

Nov 9th Monday - clear and nice

Gib and Gus hauled two loads of lumber from Cye's place. I worked on Richards suit. Mildred came.

Nov 10th Tuesday - chilly, S. W. wind

I baked two mince pies, made a spice cake and fixed some roast meat to take to Roy tomorrow. Ray and Mildred came and Mrs Myers stopped while Mike got water.

Nov 11th Wednesday - nice and mild

We went to Roy to the Armistice day program dinner. Then came home and got things packed and ready for Gib to go to work tomorrow.

Nov 12th Thursday - lovely, thawing

Gus started living in his shack today. Gib and Ray went to work. I took Ray's horses up north again. Mildred stayed with the boys and cleaned house.

Nov 13th Friday - warm and thawing

I cleaned the bottom of the cabinet, the pantry and did chores. Mildred came and stayed all night and did my ironing.

Nov 14th Saturday - warm and still

I washed all the windows and the bed room wood work, bed and dresser and did chores. Gus went over to see why Mildred didn't come over and she was sick.

Nov 15th Sunday - warm

I baked bread and made doughnuts and did chores. Mildred came to water the stock. The Peterson girls came.

Nov 16th Monday - warm chinook wind

I rode over to Mildreds, then we drove her horses over north of Kosirs. Gus stayed with the boys. Got home about 5 o'clock. Mildred stayed here all night.

Nov 17th Tuesday - nice

I took curtains down and washed them. Did chores. Gib came home at night and I packed some more grub for him.

Nov 18th Wednesday - lovely day

I baked a cake for Gib and he left about 6 o'clock. I cleaned some of the barn and did a big washing. Uncle Will came and stayed all night.

Nov 19th Thursday - 74 above, too warm, strong wind

Uncle will left about 10. Gus went to help load some stuff at Neills home. Pulled the trough up from the well. Mildred stayed all night. Baked bread.

Nov 20th Friday - cooler, windy

Mildred killed a coyote and got Gus to help skin it. I wrote to Emily and made out an order to Sears. Mildred came over about 10 o'clock.

Nov 21st Saturday - 8 degrees above in morning, then warm

I baked bread, mopped and waxed the kitchen and hall floors. Mildred stayed all night.

Nov 22nd Sunday - cold and snow flurries

I washed my hair and ironed a little. Gib came in evening. Gib killed a small turkey. I packed some grub. Made cookies.

Nov 23rd Monday - cool, windy

Gib left again this morning. I roasted a turkey and ironed. The Peterson girls came. Mildred stayed all night..

Nov 24th Tuesday - cool and windy

I washed and hauled a sack of wheat from the mail box and ironed some. Polly P. came for soap. Mildred stayed all night.

Nov 25th Wednesday - cool, windy and dusty

I cleaned house, ironed and hung the curtains. Did chores. Gib and Ray came home.

Nov 26th Thursday - nice, but windy

I made three pies, stuffed and roasted a turkey. Gus ate Thanksgiving dinner with us. Gib cleaned the shed.

Nov 27th Friday - mild and windy

Gib cleaned the chicken house and went to town. I cut his hair, washed his shirt and sox, and darned stockings.

Nov 28th Saturday -

Cleaned house.

Nov 29th Sunday - turned cold in evening

We all went over and cleaned the school house and the men put rubberiod on the floor. (Ackerly house)

Nov 30th Monday - chilly

I baked bread, cinnamon rolls, darned stockings and cut out Gene's blazer. Gib and Gus went to town.


Dec 1st Tuesday - cold

I was sick with sore stomach and stayed in bed part of the morning. Made Gene's blazer in P.M.

Dec 2nd Wednesday - cold

I was still sick, felt worse in afternoon. Gib went to town. Gus went to coal mine.

Dec 3rd Thursday - cold and windy

I didn't feel very good, but did a big washing in machine. Gib and Gus hauled a couple sleds over from Uncle Will's and got some coal for Gus. Ray came. Gib and Gus banked house.

Dec 4th Friday - colder, some snow

One of the Christenson boys brought out four ton of coal. Came in for coffee. I finished my ironing.

Dec 5th Saturday - 15 below zero, 40 below at night, cold and snow all day

I patched and sewed all day long. The boys and I have colds. Keeps Gib busy doing chores and he drove over to Mikes, then got the water trough. Ray came.

Dec 6th Sunday - cold and some snow

Gib killed a chicken and I made noodles, so we'll have some soup. I looked at catalogs, made out an order and sewed a little.

Dec 7th Monday - clearing and milder

Ray and Mildred, Mike and Gus helped pick turkeys today. Got 26 all ready to sell.

Dec 8th Tuesday -

Gib took the turkeys to Roy. I cleaned house. Baked mince meat cookies and bread.

Dec 9th Wednesday -

I washed.

Dec 10th Thursday - nice, but windy

Got things ready to go to Lewistown. Ray came. Ironed and Gib rode out to look for the horses.

Dec 11th Friday - terrible wind, mild

Gene got out of school at noon and we went to Lewistown. Went down to Uncle Will's in the evening.

Dec 12th Saturday - nice, cooler

I went to the doctor and did my trading down town. Mama and I took the boys down town in the afternoon. Got home about 9 o'clock.

Dec 13th Sunday - mild and cloudy

Pucketts and Rays came in the evening. The boys were all sick at the night. Allen out of his head with fever. Baked cookies.

Dec 14th Monday - mild and cloudy

Gib and Ray went to look at fence and pasture at Neills. Mildred came. Gene too sick to go to school. I cut out aprons. Mrs. Myers stopped to see Gene.

Dec 15th Tuesday - cooler and cloudy

Gib rode up north. Gene went to school. Ray came. I sewed up one apron and ironed some. Pulled Gene's first tooth.

Dec 16th Wednesday - cool and cloudy

Horse buyer came. Gib, Gus and Swan drove around looking for the horses. I sewed on another apron. Mildred watered their stock.

Dec 17th Thursday - mild, partly cloudy and windy

I did a big washing and got things all dried outside. Gib rode up north. Swan, Vernon, Harold, Ray and Mildred came. I wrote Xmas cards. Richard had croup at night.

Dec 18th Friday - 48 above, bad wind at night

Gib hauled hay from town for Mike. I sewed on aprons and wrote cards. Gib didn't get home till late, so I did chores.

Dec 19th Saturday -

I spent all day cleaning out the dust that blew in last night. Ray came. Harold went back this morning.

Dec 20th Sunday - I finished the Xmas cards tonight. Gib rode out to look for horses.

Dec 21st Monday - lovely and clear

Gib and Harold B. drove all over the range and down to Hansons and Hedmans looking for the horses. Gene was sick and didn't go to school. I did chores and sewed.

Dec 22nd Tuesday -

I finished the aprons and wrapped some packages, bake mince meat cookies and washed my hair. Mike rode and brought Slim and colts home.

Dec 23rd Wednesday - nice, mild

I washed, ironed some and packed our things. Ray and Mildred came and Ray greased the car. Gib has a cold, but cleaned the barn and drilled holes in manger.

Dec 24th Thursday - very nice

We got Gene and Richard from school at noon and went to Lewistown. Gib, I and Gus went down town and to Uncle Will's.

Dec 25th Friday - snow last night lovely day

Brother and Alton came home last night from working on Fort Peck Dam. Uncle Wills came and we had the Xmas tree before dinner. Lots of presents and also excitement. Mr. Barrows came twice, spent the evening.

Dec 26th Saturday - clear and thawing

Alton took the boys and I to Neills and Sister fixed my hair with that permanent wave lotion. Alton took us home, then we all went back in evening and she waved my hair. Mr. Barrows was here.

Dec 27th Sunday - colder and snowing

We didn't do much today except clean up the house. Sister, Helen, Ruth and Evelyn Wilcox came and Sister waved my hair again. Alton left this P.M.

Dec 28th Monday - cold and snow

Mama baked bread. I patched Donalds jacket. Papa and Bob fixed a bicycle. Mama was sick today.

Dec 29th Tuesday - Cold, but clear

We all went down town. Papa took Uncle Will to the dentist. Mama got some material and I cut out her dress tonight. Papa fixed a bicycle.

Dec 30th Wednesday - cold and snow

We played a game for awhile. Then I sewed on Mama's dress. Mama washed some.

Dec 31st Thursday - cold

I sewed awhile. Mama washed some more. Mr. Barrows came after dinner. The two boys and I walked down to Uncle Wills. Papa came after us.

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