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The safety of our students and the efficiency of a district's transportation program depends on the dedicated men and women who accept the important responsibility of driving our school buses. It is for this reason that districts should ensure they are hiring qualified drivers and that these driver's are properly inspecting and maintaining the districts buses and vehicles. NDDPI's School Bus Driver's Guide is a good reference for reviewing driver qualifications, daily 'walk-around' inspection procedures, as well as first aid and other safety considerations. The ND Safety Council is also a great resource for all things pertaining to safety.
  • Over 40,000 students are transported each day to North Dakota schools in school buses
  • Statistics reflect that the school bus is still the safest way for kids to get to school
  • Every year the ND Highway Department inspects all district owned school buses in every district to ensure they remain safe to transport our most precious cargo
  • NDDOT drafts an annual memo asking for help in identifying areas for railroad crossing improvements. Contact us for more information on how to participate.