Who Is Nancy Markle?

This page is provided courtesy of DORway.com and Betty Martini to explain "who is Nancy Markle." For more information about aspartame, visit www.dorway.com.

Nancy Markle To date, no one has come forward to claim being Ms. Markle. Someone found a copy of an e-mail Mrs. Betty Martini sent to a group of doctors following the 1995 World Environmental Conference. That copy had been modified, combined with other information and posted overseas. It was later "found" and posted to a list, and wound up being cross-posted to hundreds of lists.

Betty Martini Circa 1992 Ms. Martini shared the discovery of what was causing a dear friend to experience severe life-threatening seizures: Aspartame poisoning. During her efforts to spread the word she met Dr. H.J. Roberts who coined a term for Betty as "Robert's Angel" for her untiring work helping his own efforts to warn others of the many dangers from aspartame consumption. Martini is convinced that "Disability and Death are not acceptable costs of business!" To back up that belief, she began a grass-roots effort to warn others about aspartame, a very poorly tested synthetic sweetener that was never proven to be safe, and never proven to be an effective diet aid (quite the opposite, really!)

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Mission Possible is a grass-roots group of like-minded private citizens and victims of aspartame poisoning dedicated to spreading the truth about aspartame, with the goal of removing if from the food chain.

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Graphics of the letter inviting Mrs. Martini to this con ference are at:

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The Original "Markle" article in English and Spanish
The Original Martini article with references
2001 Update to Nancy Markle Email

For more information, visit www.dorway.com

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