Candice E. Jackson is a multi-faceted creative and business force to be reckoned with. She is an Attorney, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker who has appeared or been featured on national TV and Radio stations including Fox News, MSNBC, EIB Network, and more.

Candice began her career by graduating with honors from Stanford University at age 20 with her bachelor's degree in Economics. She took a year off to serve as campaign manager for her father's campaign for U.S. Congress, then worked in Olympia, Washington as the legislative director for a respected State Senator. She then accepted a full scholarship to law school at Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California and graduated with honors in 2002, propelling her on her journey into law and politics.

After developing excellent litigation skills with the non-profit legal watchdog organization Judicial Watch, Candice opened her own private practice in Southern California, representing a diverse clientele in transactional and litigation matters ranging from personal injury to employment to film production. From March 2008 to August 2009, Candice worked for a premier West Coast law firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Bullivant Houser Bailey PC, where she expanded her practice to corporate law, entertainment law, and commercial litigation in the Northwest.

Candice is originally from the Pacific Northwest, and the move back to the Portland-Vancouver community from California was a welcomed one. She now runs her own law firm, Candice E. Jackson Attorney At Law, representing clients up and down the West Coast in business, entertainment, and litigation matters. 

Candice enjoys working for a wide range of clients in various industries, from restaurants to medical clinics, and from authors and musicians to filmmakers and record labels. Candice also litigates business, employment, and injury claims. Candice is a published author and frequently speaks on topics of law and politics.

For more information about Candice’s Best-Selling book

"Their Lives: The Women Targeted By The Clinton Machine"

Published by World Ahead Media (now WND Books)


Candice’s initial experience in the entertainment business came from her brothers' and father's careers in Hollywood and Nashville. Her mom Jeanine (who works for the Northwest based multi-business management company Q3Team -- VISIT: and Candice love providing business and legal management for their favorite guys.

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Candice believes in being part of a team to help any business or creative endeavor succeed, achieve dreams, and make the world a better place. She herself is a shining example of these qualities with compassion, intelligence, and justice. 

Candice invites you to learn more and support some of her dynamic business and entertainment clients, including (in no particular order):

Galeotti's Restaurant


Celebration Jewelers


Everly Band


Lori Henriques


Joel Henriques


Johnny Bacolas


Aces Up Band


Restruct Band


Molly Johnson


Stealing Roses


House of Last Things


Dancing on the Edge


EVO2 Verizon Wireless Stores


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Phoenix Hearing


Marketing EQ


Amboy BikeFest


Self Productions


Catchlight Films


Otter Creek Motion Pictures


Hot Flash Films


Vertical Studios


Black Eyed Productions


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(818) 481-4565

Candice would like to thank her brother Richard for developing this website for her!


What you should know

Business advice and organization; agreements, contracts, and licensing; musician, author, and artist representation; music record company and film/television production company representation; real estate purchase, lease, and management; franchise agreements and disputes; commercial/business arbitration and litigation proceedings; wage and hour consulting and litigation; employment law advice and litigation; injured worker representation.

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