NHS Highland and OpenBrolly win Scottish Enterprise Life Sciences Award

At an award ceremony last night in Edinburgh the Health Minister presented Professor Angus Watson (NHS Highland) and David Sim (OpenBrolly) with a trophy for the best commercial collaboration in Scottish Life Sciences in 2014. 0ver 700 people witnessed the presentation at the EICC. The successful partnership have invented a web based application for patients with Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis.

Updated data collection forms for anti TNF withdrawal study

There have been some minor changes to the data collection forms for the anti-TNF withdrawal project. Sites that are yet to collect data are asked to use the new forms. I will be asking sites that have already collected data to identify the new information where possible; this shouldn't take too long and will not involve identifying any new patients.


New data collection forms:

Does physical inactivity lead to Crohn's disease? Will regular exercise improve outcomes in Crohn's disease?

The North American Nurses Health Study (2 cohorts initiated in 1976 and 1989 with 121.7k and 116.7k subjects respectively) is a very powerful tool to uncover disease aetiologies with minimal bias (especially recall bias). This has been applied successfully to Crohn’s disease and UC. In this study, where there is a massive 3.4 million person years of follow-up,  a total of 284 incident cases of Crohn’s disease and 363 incident cases of UC have been reported and verified. 

CCUK smartphone app for patients with Crohn's disease in Scotland


The BBC website reports on the CCUK funded smartphone app to help Crohn's patients monitor their symptoms and communicate with the IBD team. The app is being successfully piloted in the Highlands at present with plans for future development and roll-out across Scotland in place. Angus Watson is leading this exciting development. 


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