What is a Rim latch Lock and What is it used for?

What is a Rim latch Lock

These types of locks feature custom or standard rim cylinders on one side of the lock and a surface mount latch on the other side. The locks are preferred for automatic-locking applications because they are capable of locking the door behind you. Rim latch locks are most popular in apartment complexes. It is worth noting that their design isn’t appropriate for handling a lot of force. This explains why the locks are usually used alongside other locks when used in external door applications.

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What is a T-handle Locks and What Is It Used For?

What is a T-handle Lock. Definition by Tampa Locksmith

These types of locks are common in vending machines. There are however used in many other applications. T-handle locks are very easy to replace since you pull out the T-handle lock when you open the device. To complete a T-handle lock upgrade, you just need to place the new lock back when you are closing the device. T-handle locks come in 2 variants namely a spring latch allowing devices to be re-locked without using a key and a dead latch which requires a key when re-locking a device.

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What is a Cable Lock and What Is it Used For?

What is a Cable Lock according to Aventura Locksmith

As the name suggests, Cable locks are made of cables. Cable locks are usually used to lock motorcycles and bicycles. Cable locks are usually made of thick gauge plastic coated steel cables which are extremely strong and durable. Cable locks can’t be cut easily. This makes them ideal for securing bicycles and motorbikes in public places i.e. designated places for parking bicycles and motorbikes in the streets. It is also worth noting that cable locks are used to secure cargo. Their locking mechanisms are different depending on the type of cable locks. For instance, a cable lock can be keyed featuring another lock or keyless featuring a combination lock.

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What is an IC Lock and What is it used for?

Interchangeable core locks are popularly known as IC locks. These types of locks are common in commercial applications i.e. large businesses/institutions due to their easy re-keying ability by simply swapping out the lock core without dismantling the lock. IC locks come with two key types. The standard operator key unlocks and locks the IC lock like a normal key. The control key on the other hand pulls the entire lock core out without removing the screws. What is an IC Lock This feature is extremely useful when locks are being upgraded because the door hardware is left intact. IC Lock cores can be replaced within seconds allowing lock upgrades to be done in record time. Yale, Kwikset and Schalage Locks are the most popular IC lock brands in the market today. IC locks feature different lock formats. The most popular are; small format and large format interchangeable core i.e. SFIC and LFIC. It is worth noting that IC cylinders can’t be used in standard deadbolt locks among other locks meant to take IC cylinders.

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What is Furniture Lock and what is it used for?

What is Furniture Lock

Furniture locks are usually found on furniture as the name suggests. Your desk, cabinet, book shelf has furniture locks. There are two main types/styles of furniture locks namely push button and bold style furniture locks. Bolt style locks feature a flat metal piece extending on the side of furniture locks for purposes of securing the device. These types of furniture locks are usually found on cabinets, desks and drawers although they can be used in many other devices.

Push button furniture locks feature a rod which comes out on the backside of the lock. When push button locks are unlocked, they pop out retracing the rod back into the lock’s body. The device is usually re-locked by pushing the lock into its shell. These types of furniture locks are common in sliding doors and filing cabinets. It is important to note that furniture locks can be fixed onto existing furniture which may not feature any type of locking mechanism.

What is a Wall mounted lock?

As the name suggests, wall mounted locks are locks which are mounted on walls. Knox-box and fireman’s box style locks are the most popular types of wall mounted locks. The locks are common in large commercial establishments where they offer emergency access to a building’s keys. The locks are however used in many other applications apart from storing keys. For instance, the locks can act as item deposits or small safes.

What is a Wall Mounted Lock

The installation process of wall mounted locks is usually done when a building is being constructed. It is however important to note that some types of wall mounted locks can still be installed easily into existing buildings. The locks can be fixed on a number of wall surfaces including wooden and stone/concert walls. Most wall mounted locks are usually mounted with alarm sensors or covers for easy networking into a building’s security system.

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What is a DIN Cylinder Lock?

What is a DIN Cylinder Lock

DIN cylinder locks are extensively used in Europe and America in sliding glass door applications. The locks are also used in room dividing doors. DIN cylinder locks are available in many varieties i.e. one sided/single cylinder, double cylinder/locking cylinder on each side and single cylinder featuring a thumbturn (a locking cylinder and thumbturn; one on either sides). DIN cylinder lock exterior and optionally interior lengths vary. Other dimensions are usually standard. It is worth noting that DIN cylinder locks are usually held together using a single screw running through the center of the cylinder in majority of the applications. It is worth noting that the DIN cylinder lock can be snapped off a door easily since it is attached on a single small point. Additional reinforcement is therefore needed if the lock is intended to offer serious access restrictions.

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What is a Lever Handle Lock?

Lever handle locks are usually used in commercial settings to make inner doors. They are preferred in such settings because they are easier to open compared to knob locks. Lever handle locks feature larger push-down style handles as opposed to small knobs which require a lot of effort to grasp and turn them. Lever handle locks are also popular in instances where handicap accessibility is crucial.

What is a Lever Handle Lock

Lever handle locks also consider left/right handedness. When purchasing the locks, it is important to assess the backset. It is also worth noting that the levers are easy targets for torque attacks where excessive pressure is applied to the Lever handle in an attempt to force the lock open. In such cases, clutch lever locks are ideal since they turn as opposed to applying pressure to the lock when force is applied on them. Level handle locks are usually installed most residential properties. Is is important to change your locks whenever you decide to sell your house, privately or through a realtor.

What is a Cam Lock?

what is a cam lock

Cam locks are used for a variety of applications the most notable being making filling cabinet and mailbox locks among other security OEM applications. Cam locks are available in different lengths. They are also available in a number of tailpieces or cams to interface with other locking mechanisms. Since there are very many cam options, it is important to choose cam locks depending on your application and preferences i.e. straight, hooked or offset tailpieces. It is also worth noting that cam locks can rotate in any direction i.e. Clockwise or counter-clockwise. The degree of rotation is however limited i.e. 90 to 180 degrees depending on tailpiece mechanisms among other factors.

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What is a Knob Lock?

These types of locks are common in residential applications on exterior doors. The locks may be used alongside deadbolt locks sometimes making them primary sources of security for exterior doors. It is important to note that knob locks shouldn’t be used alone to secure external doors. This is the case since they feature lock cylinders in the knob itself. Ideally, lock cylinders which are the main locking mechanism should be located in the door.

What is a Knob Lock

This makes knob locks an easy target for break-ins since all you need is a hammer to knock of the knob and gain access. Alternatively, a burglar can use a pliers among other tools i.e. a wrench to bypass the lock cylinder. If you have knob locks on external doors, it is advisable to call professional locksmith services to replace them or add other locks i.e. padlocks or passage knobs because these types of locks offer better security on external doors.