Episode 3: A Trilogy of Neil Breen

In this episode, we discuss the collected works of Neil Breen, a modern day film auteur who mixes themes of corruption and the supernatural into a wonderful batter of bizarre storytelling that bakes up into a weird cake of “so bad, it’s good” low budget cinema.  Not only is he the writer/director/producer/craft services provider for all his films, he also is the star, making him a quintuple threat in the entertainment world.  Breen’s films have the feel of a David Lynch fever dream put in a blender.  They’re AMAZING.

To buy DVDs of Double Down, I Am Here… Now or Fateful Findings, visit the official website.

You can also rent Fateful Findings on YouTube or watch it for free with Amazon Prime.

4 thoughts on “Episode 3: A Trilogy of Neil Breen

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  2. We have definitely got a Coleman Francis episode in the works. Maybe more than one, actually.

    Flag on the moon…. How did it get there?

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