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When you search the internet…

Fig. 1

What I've done since graduation:

pie chart showing 100%

Different results are shown to different people.

Try searching for…

Fig. 2
News Sites
google result showing bp news sites


Investment Sites
google result showing bp investment sites

Results are tailored to who you are…

Fig. 3 different personality types

based on your search history

Fig. 4 Google search for bankruptcy

(See your Google search history.)

and your click history.

Fig. 5 facebook like button

Since you often click on things you agree with…

Fig. 6 article from the onion

you keep getting more and more

Fig. 7 what this song needs ... is more cowbell

of what you already agree with,

Try searching for…

Fig. 8
Ann gets MSNBC
google result showing an msnbc news article for barack obama
Elaine gets Fox News
google result showing a fox news article for barack obama

(Try a Google search for "barack obama")

which means other stuff gets demoted.

(effectively filtered)

Fig. 9 Diminishing returns in deeper pages from Google search results

How often do you really venture past page 1?

This raises the question:

What are you missing?

Fig. 10 amazon review pointing out search distortions

(Try a Google search for "guns")

In other words,

You are living in a Filter Bubble

Fig. 11 The Filter Bubble - What the internet is hiding from you

that promotes things it thinks you'll like,

Try searching for…

Fig. 12
Scott gets Egyptian Protests
google result showing egypt protest information
Daniel gets Travel Information
google result showing egypt travel information

(Try a Google search for "egypt")

and demotes the rest,

(thereby filtering it out)

Fig. 13 Quote from the New York Times on search filtering

(Try a Google search for "Is Osama really dead?")

which may limit your exposure to opposing information.

Fig. 14 xkcd comic - someone is wrong on the internet!

Unfortunately, it's not easy to pop your filter bubble,

Fig. 15 poping a bubble full of internet logos

because the technology is used so much

Fig. 16 the matrix

across the Internet and even when signed out.

Fig. 17 popular internet sites represented by bubbles

We offer you an alternative: a search engine.

Fig. 18 DuckDuckGo Homepage

that breaks you out of your Filter Bubble by default,

Fig. 19 Dax and a bubble

plus other differences like real privacy.

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