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  1. RIDE ON! by sprint & tRkr
  2. [IMC6] The Quiet Valley
  3. TrackMania - Ugly, Unused and Unfinished Shots


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Mediaplanet Video Contest #1

06-05-2013 17:46:47 - Killa ProD.

Mediaplanet, a media hub for maniaplanet videos and photos, is organizing its first video contest! You have the opportunity to win 50.000 Planets and a Shootmania Mousepad!

To make this video contest a challenge, this theme has been chosen:

"Create a trailer-like clip with 30-60 seconds length, presentating your favourite Maniaplanet game (SM:Storm; TM:Canyon; TM:Stadium)."

- 30-60 seconds maximum length (10 seconds tolerance for credits or logos)
- You are also allowed to use ingame footage and real-life footage
- Present it like a trailer; a logo of the game should appear at the end (see what we mean by looking at the newest official MP trailers)
- The Mediaplanet Video Contest Intro should be used. DOWNLOAD
- Only ONE video per author.
- You can make the video with multiple games, but they have to be part of Maniaplanet.

DEADLINE: 28.7.2013

You have time to send in the video until the deadline.

1st Place: Shootmania Mousepad from Nadeo! + 50.000 Planets!
2nd Place: 20.000 Planets!
3rd Place: 10.000 Planets

For all the info and submission details follow this thread in the forum.

Happy Creating!
The Mediaplanet Team

Become the video editor of TmT

07-06-2012 04:00:58 - tmtournament

TmTournament is searching for a video editor. Every year map builders get the opportunity to send their maps, with the hope of their maps getting selected. Why shouldn’t we give video editors the same opportunity to become the video editor of TmT 2012. As everyone deserves a fair chance, TmT organizes a video contest.

The winner of the contest will be the video editor of TmT 2012 and if the collaboration works well even longer. To compete create a video that explains when and where the groups will be announced. The winner will be selected based on votes by the TmT fanatics and judgment of the TmT management. The votes of the TmT fanatics count for 40% and the judgment of TmT management for 60%. This is because the TmT management not only judges by quality, but takes reliability (as far as we can judge) and the available time during TmT 2012 into account. For more information go to:

Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you.

Sign up for TmT 2012!

07-03-2012 14:48:46 - tmtournament

The first match week is coming closer and closer. The website is now open to sign up for edition 2012.
Make sure to read the rules before signing up. To make sure you’re part of TmT 2012, sign up quickly before all the slots are taken. The sign up is open since 02-07-2012. In less than 24 hours already 30 teams signed up, so you’re warned! You can sign up till: 14-07-2012 23:59 (CET). For more information go to:

Available spots: 128
Setup: 4vs4
Maps: tech-tracks from 35-45 seconds

Map Restrictions:
- Time: 35 to 45 seconds
- Mood: Day
- Name: TmT-Name
- Scenery: Minimal
- Maximum of 2 maps per builder (duo maps also count for 1, for each builder).

Send them to Mention your Trackmania log-in.
Deadline: 06-07-2011 23:59 (CET)

Important dates:
Release date first map pack: 15-07-2012 21:00 (CET)
Start first match week: 23-07-2012 00:00 (CET)

The TmT management is looking forward to a great tournament. So sign up and spread the word TmT 2012!

Official TM-Tube forum online!

04-06-2012 22:45:52 - X2X

Remember that poll regarding a TM-Tube forum two years ago (I think)? Well, here it is! Pretty fast, huh?

So yeah, I started a little cooperation with the guys from, Germany's number one TM/SM/QM forum, to support each other. We've actually planned more than just this forum, but everyone is quite busy these days (including myself), so things didn't run as smooth as intended. So for now we've got this little subforum here, which will act as the central communication platform of TM-Tube from now on and replace our link to the old TM-Forum.

You'll be able to share your creations with more detailed descriptions, discuss them in a more comfortable way than in the TM-Tube comments, share tutorials, and give feedback to us.

Register now and be part of the community! You'll be able to copy your TM-Tube account to the forum at a future date, for now you'll have to create a separate account. We'll also add more features as time passes.

ALTERNATE TM2 Pro-League - Season 2

01-20-2012 21:52:36 - Pred


Today's news is all about the ALTERNATE TM² Pro League. Its first issue already made a great stir at the end of 2011 and won a fragster award in the category "Best TM² Tournament". Now we're proud to present you the 2nd season which will start on February 2nd. The 16 best German drivers will compete in a head-to-head battle every Wednesday and Thursday on the virtual circuit, or more specifically, on the new TWL maps. The whole event will be streamed by MaseTV.

Two slots are still vacant, so take your chance to compete in Germany's most thrilling TM² cup by signing up for the qualifying on our homepage! It will take place on January 25th and 26th.

More info:


11-02-2011 23:33:56 - Pred


After a seemingly endless period of waiting the ALTERNATE Trackmania 2 Pro League by Team ALTERNATE finally started last thursday. The organisation picked 16 of Germany's best Trackmania 2 players and seperated them into four groups with four players each. While the groupstage is played in an 1on1 best-of-three mode, the two best drivers of each group will advance to the playoffs in which an elimination tournament will determine the winner. The mappacks for this season are kindly presented by ET Generation. Every thursday the two Matches of the Week are broadcast by Kevin 'Predator' H. and an alternating co-caster in order to convey the complete excitement of this tournament.

Tournament page:

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