Experienced in temporary fencing

We produce your temporary fencing in factories and warehouses that cover over 50 acres.

Temporary Fencing

Custom made products

You have the idea and we have the machines! Let’s talk about your custom product.

Custom made fencing

Quality from four factories

The size is not the only issue that counts. Quality assurance is why Eastlink should be your partner!

Eastlink quality

About Eastlink Manufacturing

With manufacturing facilites in China and Southeast Asia as well as an extensive global sourcing network, Eastlinks manufacturing is focused on every kind of fencing, such as temporary fencing, permanent fencing or enclosures. We do not just work with steel or aluminium we also work with plastic or wood material to get your custom projects done.

We invite you to take advantage of Eastlinks consulting strength, with regard to production and quality issues, allowing you an overview of the process throughout. In the last decade we have built up an extensive customer base in Australasia, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America.

Network of Eastlink Manufacturing

3 Reasons for us

  1. 1Quality
    We give you best quality to competitively prices on all our products.
  2. 2Reliability
    We deliver your products just in time at the right address, accurate and steady every day.
  3. 3Experience
    We have been market leaders for more than 5 years and our knowledge of the pitfalls within the export and import framework are unrivalled.

Questions? Find your answer at our FAQ page or contact us direct in one of our offices.

Eastlink services


Eastlinks core business is the manufacturing of different products in a number of factories in China and south east asia.

Service Manufacturing

We provide you with best quality, guaranteed through highly skilled staff and most modern equipment, delivering all to your door at the prearranged time.

Quality control

We have established an exact quality control. It ensures detailed inspections according to european criteria, which gives your products the best quality.

Service Quality Control

Our crew of experienced locals inspect a potential supplier's company and factory such as production capabilities or quality procedures. They also inspect your goods before the shipment.

Product sourcing

Through our longtime experience dealing with import and export, we can assume for you the product sourcing other then our core business.

Service Product Sourcing

Eastlink knows about the specialties of several countries and makes product sourcing an easy procedure for you. We find potential suppliers, give you product information, check the quality, negotiate prices for you and deliver at your door.

Supplier management

Dealing with slow resonpse or delayed deliveries belongs to the past. Eastlink partners ensure a delivery just in time to your destination.

Service Supplier Management

With our knowledge we support getting your product in the fastest possible way, keeping you up to date with progress reports. Eastlink can overtake the management of your existing suppliers in China as well. Get in contact today for further information.