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Kazuko Chalker
Conceptual | Contemporary   (NSW)
Kazuko Chalker grew up in Tokyo, Japan surrounded by ceramics and its long and rich history which influenced her interests in clay work. But it took a long time before her to find a joy of working with clay. After settling in Sydney in 1973, Kazuko worked in the tourism industry for over 30 years. Now Kazuko enjoys every minute of ceramic practice to further her knowledge and techniques of ceramics materials. In 2011 Kazuko was awarded a place as exchange student at the prestigious Alfred University in New York.

Kazuko had her first exhibition The Beads Jewelleries and Ceramics by Kazuko at Yuga Art Café, Glebe Sydney in 2005. Since then Kazuko has explored themes of her being in two cultures, including her life size ceramic sculptures and Japanese text “Who Are We?” exhibited as a part of the SCA University of Sydney Graduation. In March 2012 Kazuko exhibited her life size sculptures at “A Fresh Perspective” Kerrei Lowe Gallery Newtown Sydney.

Kazuko continues to create life size ceramic sculptures at Sydney College of Arts, University of Sydney where she is completing her honours degree.
Photos: "Who Are We?" Green Dress, 2011, earthenware paperclay, hand build, dry glazes, gloss glaze, 110cmx60cmx43cm; "Who Are We?" Power suit, 2011, stoneware paperclay, hand build, dry glazes, gloss glaze, 120cmx50cmx35cm.
Photographed by Keith Arnold
Email: kazukoch9@gmail.com
Phone: 02 9810 6735