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What is iroffer?
iroffer is a software program that acts as a fileserver for IRC. It is similar to a FTP server or WEB server, but users can download files using the DCC protocol of IRC instead of a web browser.

Unlike similar programs, iroffer is not a script, it is a standalone executable written entirely in c from scratch with high transfer speed and effeciency in mind. iroffer has been found to transfer over 50MByte/sec over a gigabit ethernet connection.


iroffer 1.3.b11 and 1.4.b03 released December 12th 2005

v1.3.b11 and v1.4.b03 were just released. 1.3 has just bugfixes, while 1.4 has some new features. Check the download page.

iroffer 1.3.b10 and 1.4.b02 released January 16th 2005

v1.3.b10 and v1.4.b02 were just released. Both fix a long-running memory leak as well as some other fixes and new functionality. Check the download page.

iroffer documentation updated September 1st 2004

The online documentation has been updated to include features and chagnes in v1.3.

iroffer 1.4.b01 released September 1st 2004

v1.4.b01 is the first release in the v1.4 series. It contains some new functionality. Check the download page.

iroffer 1.3.b09 released August 23rd 2004

v1.3.b09 contains bug fixes since v1.3.b08. Check the download page.

iroffer 1.3.b08 released August 9th 2004

v1.3.b08 contains a bunch of bug fixes since v1.3.b07. Check the download page.

iroffer 1.3.b07 released April 6th 2004

v1.3.b07 contains a few fixes and a new program to convert an older .xdcc file into the new .state file for people upgrading to v1.3 releases. Check the download page.

v1.4 development started April 3rd 2004
I've created a v1.4 branch. v1.3 will only contain bug fixes from now on. Snapshot prereleases for v1.4 are now available on the download page.
iroffer 1.3.b06 released April 3rd 2004

v1.3.b06 contains a bunch of new features and some fixes to 1.3.b05. Check the download page. Note that v1.3.b06 has some config file changes so you'll need to update your config.

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