Crescent Moon Bakery Welcome to the Home of the Football Pizza

Crescent Moon Bakery, Inc first opened its doors in 2000, selling only fresh breads and sweets. Since then we have expanded tremendously. We have expanded our facilities to include a restaurant, full capacity catering, and a phenomenally beautiful banquet hall.

Consistently popular since 2000, our downtown facilities at 2339 Central Avenue NE offer catering as well as online delivery through DoorDash.

The Bakery offers fresh baked breads daily and the restaurant provides the highest quality dishes using halal meats and fresh produce. Our signature Football Pizza is the hallmark of Crescent Moon Bakery and the main attraction to our restaurant. The dining ambiance is pleasantly casual and intimate, with seating available in a charming interior setting.

The Best Pizza in Minnesota


Football Pizza

Starting from $6.99

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  • Large House Special

  • Large Chef's Special

  • Large Spinach Lover's

  • Large Meat Lover's

  • Large Veggie Lover's

  • Large Cheese Lover's

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