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Established in 1986, QiLu Special Steel Co., Ltd is one of the main bases of excellent high alloy steel forging material and forging piece in China.Relying on most complete and most specialized special steel products, the company owns industial advantages on favorable quality, complete variety, many specs and short production period.

We boast over 20 years of experiences in the special steel production, strict and precise production management, professional and active workforce, and advanced and complete manufacturing and processing equipment.We provide value-added service for products (such as: rough processing, thermal treatment, etc.), inventory survey, production tracking, and reasonable report on custom-made products, etc. We will timely get our customers understanding and represent them to execute such services.
The company mainly manufactures 300 kinds of high alloy steel forging products in 13 series. Such as Alloy structure steel, alloy tool steel, carbon structure steel, carbon tool steel, bearing steel, spring steel, pinion steel, stainless steel, refractory steel. The largest size that we can supply is 1000mm and the maximum piece weight can reach 40T.


BS EN 10250-3-2000 Open die steel forgings

BS EN 10250-3-2000 Open die steel forgings for general engineering purposes Ð Part 3 Alloy special steels

Din 50602 Microscopic Examination

BS EN 10250-3-2000 Open die steel

BS EN 10250-1-1999 Open die steel



We specialized in the production of high-quality special steel!

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